How to Hack Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

Galaxy S9 Plus is the flagship smartphone of Samsung which was rolled out in recent times. While the cutting edge features make this Samsung smartphone a treat for the users, the improved security functions can make it more challenging to sneak into the Android phone of someone else. Luckily, there are a few apps that […]

What Is Bitcoin? The Beginner’s Guide to Cryptocurrency

Have you heard about this Bitcoin stuff? Perhaps, yes. The first digital currency has become the talk of the town due to the astonishing rise in value. The Bitcoin has a value of $1000 in Jan 2017 wants up to $19,000 at the end of that year. During the first part of 2018, the cryptocurrency […]

A simplified medium of excess to excellent solutions

Every company or organization looks for growth in business and to understand how to do so, it’s important to have advanced technology solutions that serve the purpose of basic communication in an efficient manner. Any organizations that adopt unified communications is sure to prosper in the future days to come. In business, today it’s important […]

Support for software and technology developers

In this time of crisis, when economic resources for the most essential services are scarce, everyone wonders to what extent resources should be devoted to seemingly minor issues such as the development of technologies and software. But it is precisely now when from the society and from its elites there must be voices that defend […]

How to Turn On Android Microphone Remotely with Monitoring App

What if you could know what others speak about you behind your back? If you are an employer you can definitely keep tabs on the unproductive and unacceptable conversations of your workers. Parents can keep an eye on their kids‘ activities to safeguard them from scoundrels and predators. The latest technologies have made it possible […]

Social Media Mistakes That Can Harm Your Brand

Using social media is an absolute must for every business. However, with so many platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram available, keeping up the pace with the most recent social media trends can be quite difficult, especially if you’re new in the business world. This can lead to many social media mistakes that have […]

Best Employee Monitoring Methods to Increase Productivity

There are two main methods to monitor employees to enhance their productivity. Monitor the employees’ online activities Monitor the employees’ offline activities The monitoring of the employees can be performed using the very same devices that they use in the workplace. These devices can be effectively tapped and they can observe the online and the […]

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