5 Reasons To Check Your Resume For Grammar Mistakes

5 Reasons To Check Your Resume For Grammar Mistakes

The English Language is among one of the fastest and rich languages of the world that is widely used and is among the fastest evolving languages. Looking a decade back, English Language has massively changed over time from generation to generation, grammar, grammatical rules, punctuation rules, pronunciations, vocabulary, and morphologies either are evolved or change with time. Keeping in touch with the changes in language is important to ensure that whatever is used in our verbal and written English Language communication is correct.

However, Resume is a document that is used by an applicant to present their educational background, job experience, and skills when applying for a job. Resumes are used to make a favorable impression on a prospective employer and it creates the first impression of the job applicant even before the employer meets the candidate. A good resume is said to be an advertisement of self as it markets one’s strengths as per the job match. It is an attention grabber for the employer and recruiters. It is the only document that gets one shortlisted for the employment job or interview.

Now let’s get into the 5 Reasons to check your Resume for grammar mistakes.

Here are the 5 Reasons to check your Resume for grammar mistakes:

  1. It is more than embarrassing to have grammatical mistakes in your Resume. Most employers ask for excellent communication skills in the employees they would want to hire. A grammatical mistake in a resume is a sign of bad communication skills. GrammarLookup website and tools must be used to correct your resume from grammatical mistakes.  
  2. Using simple sentences than complex and long sentences is the key to an effective resume. Most people find making simple and focused sentences harder. Therefore, there are a number of free, user-friendly, easy to use and registration free SentenceCheckup websites and tools available on the internet to check your sentences for any structural mistakes.
  3. Punctuation marks bring in expressions in the sentences. The wrong use of punctuation marks such as comma, question mark, full stop, colon, semicolon, etc. change the meaning and sense of the sentences. There are a number of online and free punctuation checkers available on the internet.
  4. Usage of synonyms and word substitutions is better than using long sentences that occupy more space and lines in the resume.
  5. Incorrect Grammar used in resumes may be a cause of rejection of one’s CV. As mentioned earlier, Resume is the self-advertisement of a candidate in front of a prospective employer. In case, if the Resume is found to have mistaken it may not leave an impressive and everlasting impression on the employer, being a cause of rejection.

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