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5 Sports Games for your Mobile Phone

Playing mobile games is almost everyone’s hobby today and we can’t imagine our life without that little recreation. Another thing people love is watching and playing sports so mixing these two things is a match from heaven. There are loads of different games on the mobile app market, but only a few are really great quality. I wanted to show you few games which are pretty good and which will help you kill time in the best way possible – by having fun:

FIFA Soccer

FIFA Soccer is an application made for both iOS and Android and it is the latest product made by FIFA. It reached over 100 million downloads and a score of 4,2 stars on Google play store which is the incredibly high grade for that number of downloads. It is one of the most popular mobile sports games at the moment and it has loads of different features. The game includes incredible graphics and slick gameplay. As with most of the free games on the market, this game features in-app purchases which can be quite annoying at times, but for the sake of killing some time, this game is a blast. If you can look past adds and other in-app purchases I suggest you try this app and you won’t be disappointed.

EA Sports UFC

If you are a fan of fighting games then EA Sports UFC is a game for you. This game was downloaded more than 10 million times and it is rated with 4,5 stars on Google play store. It is probably the best game on the market for UFC fans. It features a big selection of female and male fighters so you can choose what you want. The game offers a wide variety of game modes, including story mode, as well as events. It has simple controls and pretty good graphics. Unfortunately, as well as FIFA Soccer, this game features in-app purchases which can be quite annoying, but other than that game features enough gameplay hours of content which you can enjoy.

Foosball Cup

Football is a great and highly addictive game table and this game is a highly addictive foosball application. Ludus Studios are the maker of this game and it is not the only foosball app they made, but in my opinion, this one is slightly better. Both apps are great quality and offer a lot of different features, but this one is better because you don’t have to win matches and points to unlock features. The moment you open it you can choose the size of the table, player formation, difficulty… The other application made by Ludus Studios has almost every feature unlocked which is not something I want to do at the moment. Foosball Cup offers you the ability to sit down and play.

WGT Golf Game

WGT Golf Game is a great free-to-play golfing experience for your mobile phone. The game reached over 5 million downloads and scored a 4,2 rating on Google Play store. It features good recreations of some of the world’s most known courses. Players can choose between full 18-hole stroke games or a shorter, more fast-paced mode of 9-hole closest to the hole or hole-in-one challenge in both single and multiplayer. The game is free-to-play and it features in-game purchases as expected from a free game.

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Ketchapp sports games

Ketchapp is another developer who is creating sports games. They created a game of basketball, tennis, soccer and for some of summer and winter sports. Summer and winter sports feature different mini-games for you to play through. They are mostly small straight into action games with not so deep gameplay. They are pretty simple so they do pretty well for killing some time. Not all of their titles are free, but the ones you have to pay for are fairly inexpensive. Be sure to check them out if you are looking for good sports games to kill some time fast.

Be sure to check out these games to find what is best for you. Also, make sure you explore the app store yourself because there could be a lot of unpopular gems in the store. There are loads of different developers for each sport so finding the best one could also be a great discovery.

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