Advanced Seo Techniques to Drive More Traffic to your Websites..

Advanced Seo Techniques to Drive More Traffic to your Websites

The landscape of SEO has changed as Google Algorithm has changed and businesses have become more dependent on Search engine optimization. Every businessman understands the need for SEO techniques and they do every possible thing in order to get more traffic on their websites. It has also been seen that some of the websites rank well on search engines, while others still struggling to get a higher ranking. This is due to the lack of knowledge or due to the use of bad techniques.

A dependency of every business on SEO also increases the SEO job opportunities for many aspirants.  It is a bright career option for anyone to make a successful future.

The right use of strategies and techniques are must to get a good ranking as well as to increase ROI.

Let me share a few of the “advanced SEO strategies “to fulfill the requirements of your business

Optimize your website Page Speed

  1. it’s official that Google announced that page loading speed will be the biggest ranking factor in its mobile-first index. This means that your website loading speed must be less than 5 seconds to improve the user experience. You should work on making your website fast and accessible as possible.

It is a fact that chances of bounce rate increases when the page loading time goes from 4s to 5s and the bounce rate will go higher if the speed goes from more than 6s. Remove the unofficial content and heavy images from your website or else compress the images to improve your ranking.

Create SEO Optimized landing pages

  1. A well-designed landing page can help in improving the lead and sales. Better landing page increases the chances of better ranking. A landing page is any page of your website where traffic is sent specifically to promote your website content.

The page you are currently seen is an example of a landing page. While designing a landing page make sure that your page contains all relevant information and it must be according to SEO rules.

Read the landing page guide by Neil Patel to understand what the landing page is and its importance.

Don’t forget about Mobile-Friendliness

  1. Suppose that your website is well-designed and looks good but what if it is not responsive. It is really a serious matter because 90% users run your website with their smartphones.

So, make sure that your website is responsive enough to build more traffic.

Use Infographic

Nowadays, an infographic is very popular because the user loves to see multimedia content rather than a long blog post or article. Only made an infographic is not enough making an attractive infographic is also necessary to convert leads into sales.

Do some research; find a trending topic or idea that people are searching for and then put all together to generate some attractive infographic.

Use Photoshop, canvas software to create some great design.

If you don’t have any knowledge about this software’s then, learn from youtube video tutorials to understand all its features, tools, shapes, and icons. You can also use the infographic to create a blog post by taking data from the infographic. People share infographics if it comes with a post that explains a single point.

Optimize content according to RankBrain

RankBrain is a new Google update based on machine learning. It allows search engines to process the search result and provide relevant information to users. Google understand your content based on your intent. So don’t use keyword stuffing in order to improve the value of your content because it may harm your website content.

These are some of the advanced strategies that must be used to increase the website traffic or to convert leads into sales. Also, there are some more  Things You Should Know About GMM and Local SEO

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  1. Hi Dave, there could be several reasons for this. First, is your PPC traffic going to a landing page that”s on another domain? Sometimes people will use a landing page provider where the URL of the landing pages is not your domain. Also, if the landing page IS configured to your domain, you need to make sure that the Google Analytics tracking snippet is on that landing page.

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