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Asus TUF 505 Review – The Best Gaming Laptop Under 700 in 2019

ASUS is among one of very few brands around the world who focus on gaming segments more than there. The ROG series of the same brands have been a viable option for avid gamers. Even the TUF series would not disappoint you from its look and robust gaming motherboards. With the advancement of technology, the brand also came up with ASUS smartphones. You know when ASUS does something for gaming; it is all about gaming in that.

With ASUS 504 model, quite frankly we along with hardcore gamers were not happy with the model. It was a good model with hands-down gaming performance but lacked the look and some other sections. With ASUS 505, the latest offering, we are quite impressed with the looks and performance. The brand took a long gape, but came up with something mesmerizing and hit the nail right on the head.

If you look at the laptop’s specification, it comes with a wide range of choices. You can have different RAM as well as storage configurations. The brand has something amazing to offer at the various price ranges; you can have a good deal as per your pocket size.


The design and the built of the laptop is a pure gaming-oriented. Gaming laptops are different pieces of bread with the entire focus on functional and performance. The computer looks bulky with an overall 2.2 Kg weight. From the exterior, it shares almost the same look even the material used with ASUS 504 TUF. With further inspection, you will feel see that the new body is quite different. Of course, the laptop is lighter than the previous installment and thicker as well. You would not be able to see any difference unless you put both of them side by side.

With the lid open, you start noticing the changes. The laptop shares a more modern look and narrow bezels. The keyboard is something mesmerizing and runs almost to the ends of the computer.

There is no crazy pattern of RGB lighting on the lead. The ASUS logo glows, but never saw it does not display a plethora of colors like ROG counterparts.


With AMD Ryzen 7 3750H you can expect top-notch performance. You can have a next-generation CPU if you could afford some little high price.

The laptop comes with a wide range of choices from RAM and storages. You can have your hands on desired specs as per your affordability.

The model what we are reviewing here shares 8GB of DDR4 RAM. The size of the RAM is more than enough to play any format of video games without any issue.

With GeForce GTX 1660 Ti 6GB graphics card you would be able to play any AAA titles on high-medium gaming setting with steady 50 fps.

The laptop shares ample 1TB HDD storage space with M2 slot to extend the hard drive. You can add 256GB SSD hard if you wish with increased price. The laptop shares the extended space for RAM as well. You would be able to extend the RAM whenever you want to, up to 16GB. Also if you are curious to know the complete list of budget gaming laptops around $700 check out Guru Verdict. Here you find some amazing contenders.


The ASUS TUF gaming laptop comes with HD IPS panels. With the resolution of 1920 х 1080p the screen can be considered Retina when viewed from at least 60 CM.

With a maximum brightness of 223 nits, the laptop offers impressive wide viewing angles. You would be able to watch your favorite movies or play video games without missing any color or rendering color error.

The display features a more extensive dynamic range with deep colors and splendid brightness levels. Even when using it outside the screen is readily available, you will not have to need to widen your eyes to look at something on sunny days.

The contrast is very high and offers a viewing experience akin AMOLED, especially with the deep blacks.

The color reduces the accuracy when viewed from extreme angles. That might not be a machine for two people playing games on simultaneously, which is rare. Considering only one person at a time on a laptop, that would not be a thing to bother.

Keyboard and ports:

Speaking of the keyboard, if you love having a fancy color RGB lighting keyboard, you would be quite glad to have it onboard. The laptop across the range gets RGB lit keyboard, with a customized option. You can customize the color scheme and patterns via ASUS armory crate app, which comes pre-installed.

The keys are fully painted on the top, transparent; you would be able to see the lights coming from the base, underneath the keys.

Moving over to the ports, the laptop features three USB-A ports: one Ethernet port, a full HDMI port, and a 3.5 mm headphone jack. The machine does not house an SD card slot and USB-C port.


When it comes to the speakers, the latest models showcase a massive improvement from the previous model. With the passive applications, the speakers can go fairly loud with higher-frequencies. However, there is a space for some more modification, especially in the base, and I cannot applaud the sound quality for gamers. The laptop should have shared something amazing in term of sound for avid gamers. If you are playing video games such as PUBG make sure to plug in your headphones, this will elevate the gaming experience further.

Battery performance:

The ASUS latest edition shares a 3-cell 48Wh polymer battery. The battery is a reasonably good addition and a standard affair. The juice lasts at least up to 1 and half hour when playing hardcore video games. If you are not indulged into powerful gaming sessions and using it for casual tasks such as browsing or watching videos, the stamina lasts for 4-5 hours without any hiccup.

As gaming takes place with the device plugged in, the smaller battery stamina should not be troublesome.

Final Verdict:

If you look at the price, Asus Tuf 505 clearly is one of the best laptops you can buy to fulfill your gaming aspirations. With AMD Ryzen 7 3750H, the fastest CPU you can have in the AMD family joined with NVidia GeForce GTX 1650, a rare combination of CPU and GPU performance.

The boasted GPU is reasonably powerful to manage the latest gaming titles without breaking a sweat.

For competing at e-sports events, the laptops hold for a more extended session and make your task seamless and efficient.

Surely, as an avid gamer, I would love housing an eye-catching design with a slimmer overall profile to inspire my gaming aspirations.

The latest ASUS edition, at a high price range, would not disappoint you in terms of raw gaming performance.

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