Creative Tech Methods to Interact Audience in Event

After the evolution in technology it started to reshape the doing of business methods and process also played the important role in reveal the pristine procedures of getting success in business. Although, companies came out from the turbulence circumstances because the implementation of technology also it became the reason of gaining enormous benefits from businesses. […]


Written and submitted by Rubina Yasmeen, Prof. Dr. Abu Saeed Hashmi Department of Biochemistry University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences Lahore Nature provides poultry crop with the microbes that have the potential to detoxify aflatoxins. Aflatoxin is a toxic molecule produced by a fungus Aspergillus. This fungus is prominent in Pakistan’s environmental conditions. It grows […]

Top 4 Most Common Types of Cyber Attacks

Are you a webmaster? Is your website acting out? Have you noticed it taking longer than usual to load, or that there are new lines of code added to it or pages that you didn’t create? Or maybe you’ve seen a dramatic decrease in its traffic, or you’re unable to log into it. These are […]

Hide Galaxy S10 hole Punch Camera! How to do it?

The latest Samsung cell phone device has made headlines since it’s been launched in the month of March this year. The Samsung Galaxy S10 remains a myth for some point of time before its official launching rumors were at their peak that it is coming with multiple changes in terms of design, software, and display. […]

Top Motion Graphic Trends That Are Here To Stay

Motion graphics continue to change and evolve over time. Some trends are here to stay while some exist as a seasonal fad. It is essential for every designer to keep up with these updates and changes in design trends. However, it is not essential that every such motion graphic trend would work for every form […]

Business Continuity Strategy is Crucial for Your Business

Having a business continuity plan is vital for any kind of business. So that, they ensure continuous production and delivery of their products and services even if any disaster occurs. The varieties of risks are increasing day by day in every business and to handle it, you must have a good business continuity strategy for […]

The Guide to Make A Billion Dollar iPhone App

Ever wonder the secret to building a million dollar app. An Idea! You need to ponder on the needs of the market and its customers. You must know the loopholes and all the vacant places available in the industry where you can step in to generate new outcomes and open avenues. Hush Don’t Share! Some […]

How to Excel in Customer’s Service for Your Dropshipping Business

The rise of e-commerce has given opportunities for various business models based on the internet to grow. From digital marketing to affiliation program, there is plenty of promising business you can choose to join. One of the most seek-after this past few years is dropshipping. In dropshipping, you buy products from a producer or a […]

Operational Readiness: Ensuring Your New Operation Delivers

Actions meant to ensure the smooth operation and management of a specific project are, at times, not put into consideration. The main aim of these activities is usually to create operational readiness within a particular company or project. Operational readiness can be defined as the ability to utilize, run and oversee the systems or processes […]

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