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Benefits of return filing

Submitting of ITR or income tax return may be described as a compulsory duty of every taxpayer who has got gross total income drawn from income sources like business, salary or any other sources. Or from some other means of gains surpasses the specific limit of exemption. The department meant for income tax recovery has introduced the system of e- filing with the intention to create a system of taxation that may render lives of taxpayers easy. Below will be discussed the advantages of e- filing ITR.

Modes of submitting returns

Manual filing

It can be stated to be the traditional manner of submitting returns in which people liable to pay tax will submit GST return by going to the office of the income tax department.

E – Filing intermediaries

With regard to taxpayers who have got so tight schedule that they cannot submit returns themselves. A firm, a chartered accountant, or an agent can shoulder the responsibility of filing and formatting the returns for the person.

The advantages of e- filing over manual filing


Maybe all or as a minimum the most current-day systems provide ease to the users, and the same is with income tax. Manual submitting entails going to the tax department jam-packed with people, rendering the whole procedure wearisome and time – taking for people. On the contrary, e- filing of returns minimizes the hassle by allowing the taxpayers to submit returns right from the drawing-room.

Status tracking

The case is not that taxpayers were not told about the income tax return status in the days gone by. But, it was all about the patients because the taxpayer was intimated by way of postal means. In this mode, the taxpayer neither enjoyed ease nor power. Because the taxpayer was completely dependent upon postal services that would not permit the taxpayer to track the status as per his discretion.

The procedure of submitting returns online via GST software provides the taxpayer with the choice of tracking status in line with her or his desire. It allows the taxpayer to scrutinize whether the specific return filed by the person has reached the department, its latest phase of progress or details about the income tax refund.

Access to documents

E – Filing of returns makes the taxpayer upload the needed documents, thereby producing a database that may be accessed anytime you think it is necessary. Manual submitting of returns did not involve such a provision.

Refund Processing

Taxpayers are in a position to claim refunds by submitting returns. The digital mode has been put into practice to make things easy and fast for processing in comparison to the traditional model in the nation. The archaic way of filing returns had formerly put a heavy burden on the taxpayer, no matter for what it was meant. E- filing of returns within norms of income tax offers the taxpayer an edge because the taxpayer is expected to get funds rapidly than the person could think of under an earlier system of taxation of manual filing.

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