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10 Best Hidden Spy Apps for Android Phones

The spy apps vendors admire plenty of monitoring apps that can do surveillance on cell phones and on other devices. Today, we are going to tell you about my expertise having almost more than 10 years of experience regarding the spy app market. However, you may know about the apps that can spy on the contemporary gadgets and devices, but I have accumulated the information about the top three cell phone and computer surveillance apps that have hit the spy apps vendors and the user by storm and has have made their way to the top. There are ten apps mentioned in the following at very according to their rankings. Let’s discuss in the detail shortly, you have an opportunity if you are searching for the best of the best monitoring apps.

1. TheOneSpy

It has known over the years the best of the best cell phone and computer tracking app. The user can spy on android, IOS and blackberries smartphones compatible versions of the phone spy app. However, a user can monitor the MAC and Windows PCs.

TOS is the best in the business when it comes to digital parenting solutions, employee monitoring and to catch the cheating spouse. Furthermore, the phone tracking software has a user-friendly interface and state of the art dozens of features for each solution.

You can use the cell phone spy software tools such as call spy, phone bugging, TOS spy 360, text messages spy, browsing the history, read emails, GPS location tracker, screenshots, remotely phone controller and IM’s social media. Social media monitoring will empower the user to monitor each and every single activity on the target cell phone device social messaging apps and the user will be able to view logs such as chat conversations, Voice messages, shared photos and videos, and audio and video conversations.

Furthermore, you can use MAC spy tools such as website blocking, keylogger, screen recording, camera bug, and sync settings. However, you can use windows tracking software tools such as block websites, on-demand screenshots, user-friendly reports, real-time monitoring, and online& offline tracking.

2. MSpy

It is one of the best cell phone tracking software and it has all the guts that you can expect with the best phone spy app. The user can use it for parenting and for employee monitoring issues. The spy app for cell phones has multiple contemporary features that enable a user to track the target cell phone device with its contemporary set of features such as tracking phone calls in real-time, monitor sent or received text messages, to get control on the target mobile phone of android and IOS operating systems.

However, a user can monitor the visited websites and bookmarked websites and capture screenshots of all the activities happen on the target mobile phone.

It further empowers the user to spy on the windows and MAC computer devices and nothing a target user can hide from the cell phone surveillance software to the fullest.

A user can track the target cell phone GPS location within no time and it further empowers the user to mark safe and restricted areas for the target cell phone.

Moreover, a user can track the IM’s social media running on the target cell phone and a user can view the logs of chat conversations, shared media, audio, and video calls and sent or received Voice calls. The problem lies in the prices of the MSpy cell phone tracking app that is very high and every user cannot afford it.

3. Phone Sheriff

No matter what if you want to discover the hidden activities happen on the target cell phone, it will provide you the direct way to spy on the target cell phone device. It has plenty of surveillance tools that empower the user to get ingress in the vicinity of the target cell phone with the help of block services, create time restriction, Geo-fencing alert, and profanity alerts. The installation process is quite easy, but the problem lies in the Tracking app for cell phones for android and IOS because it lacks with the features and doesn’t provide a user the ultimate monitoring of the cell phones.

4. OgyMogy

OgyMogy is monitoring software that is for the monitoring of digital devices. It can also control the targeted mobiles and other modern gadgets. It is compatible with the computer, mobile, laptop, or iPad. It is spy software that enables the keep a close eye on the targeted person. OgyMogy is a parental control or employee surveillance app. it offers a bundle of features that allow the users to spy on the targeted devices secretly. With their classic feature user can monitor all social media apps like Kik, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram, Snapchat, or Twitter to know all activities secretly. It is one of the amazing features of call recording or text monitoring. It also tracks the browsing history of the targeted device. Users can track the websites of the targeted device without getting physical access to digital devices. It allows monitoring the keystroke and spying on the password of the targeted device. It considers the best way to spy the digital devices and get to know all online activities.

With the amazing features of this app, parents can get access to the kids’ activities without any restrictions. User enables to get complete access to the kids’ activities secretly. It empowers the parents to know about their kid’s cell phone devices. It helps to save the kids from any online danger.

5. Net nanny

Net nanny is the parental control software that monitors the android and iPhone devices of their kids. It enables the parents to know all about their kids all online activities.

It offers plenty of features including website blocking, a kid’s location tracker, or YouTube monitoring.

6. Family orbit

It is a parental control application that allows monitoring of the iPhone and android mobile. It has a lot of options to spy on the digital devices of the targeted person. The features are including the monitoring of internet usage, browsing history, or getting all activities of a targeted cell phone.

It allows the parents to keep an eye on specific activities of child digital devices secretly. This app helps to monitor the targeted devices and know all about the kids’ activities secretly.

7. Qustodio

It is a fine solution for kid’s protection in the digital world. Many parents use their services to know about their kid’s activities and satisfied themselves. This software is available for both Android and iPhone devices. It allows tracking the incoming outgoing calls block any call or monitoring the YouTube, SMS spy, game app monitoring, or location tracker.

Parents can install spies secretly about the kids’ activities. they enable the parent’s kids’ digital safety.

8. OurPact

It is one of the well-organized and finest monitoring applications that is compatible with android and iPhone cell phones. This software is spying on every single bit of communication that happened on the targeted cell phone.

It has exclusive features that blocking contact numbers and websites, family location, block text, and viewing the internal storage. All features make sure the safeguard of kids from the digital world.

9. Screen Time

This software is a cell phone spy app that allows spying the modern digital devices. It offers a paid and free plan for its users. Parents use this spying app to monitor their kids’ activities within their digital devices.

The basic feature of this app is geo-fencing of kid’s movement; location tracking feature and their exclusive features is pausing the application and control the install app by the parents. Parents use the feature to know all about the kids’ activities without physical access. It is a hidden spying software for kids monitoring in the digital era of technology. The amazing features allow the parents to protect their kids from coming evil.

10. Mobicip

It is another monitoring application that gives the solution of the kid’s safety in the advanced time of technology. It is used to spy on the iPhone and all android devices. Parents can get access from the Google play store app. it has many features that safeguard the kids from the digital world and protect them from any online threat and danger.

It also offers the exclusive features of website blocking, social media monitoring, and allow or block live-streaming apps.

It considers a powerful solution for the kid’s online activities secretly. Parents use this app and get remote access to the child’s cell phone devices.


All the apps for cell phone tracking are the big names, but when it comes to best of the best cell phone tracking software, I would say there is no other than the best cell phone and computer tracking TheOneSpy.  It allows tracking the complete information of the kid’s devices and knowing all about them secretly. In the modern age, most kids use android devices or their parents are worried about them. These all applications are the best solution for the kid’s safety within the hidden spy app



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