The solution to Addiction Problem with Android Apps

Addiction continues to hound millions of Americans today. The National Survey on Drug Use and Health revealed that there are more than 21 million people in the US who are addicted to drugs. However, not even 10% are receiving treatment. The main reason, of course, is denial. Most drug dependents won’t admit they have a […]

Dumbest things you do with your Smart Phone

We all make mistakes. Whether it is in the form of individually or collectively. We make mistakes while doing the driving, in the kitchen making an omelette, playing a favourite sport or using a mobile phone in a toilet seat. We all do idiot and stupid things in a while, and it’s a fact. Everyone […]

Samsung Galaxy A20 S- Everything You Need to Know

Samsung Galaxy A20s is a mid-range device from Samsung. These devices are having a good track of providing some good specs at an affordable price range. The price tag of a mobile is $212. Software and Processors The Smartphone is running Android v9.0 (Pie) as an operating system. The phone is having Octa-core, 1.8 GHz, […]

GB Instagram MOD APK Latest Version Download Free 2019

There are many Instagram Mods available free of cost to download and save Instagram videos, photos, and stories. If you are looking to save Instagram videos, photos, and stories, then you have to GB Instagram Download MOD on your Android or iOS device. Stay with me for more details! GB Instagram APK As I told, […]

How to Install Apps on Your Android Device from the Web?

Today, Google Play store is considered as the best resource, which will boost your mobile experience as it allows Android users to access more than one million applications like Pokemon Go, Pandora, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp and many more popular apps. But what will you do in any case if Google suddenly pulls any application from […]

Know the Complete Details About Instant Loan Apps

Technological innovations are part and parcel of every industry and even the finance industry is not behind in embracing the wind of change. It has come out with an innovative instant loan app, which can directly be used on a customer’s mobile phones. India is going through a digital revolution. People prefer paying multiple bills, […]

Hide Galaxy S10 hole Punch Camera! How to do it?

The latest Samsung cell phone device has made headlines since it’s been launched in the month of March this year. The Samsung Galaxy S10 remains a myth for some point of time before its official launching rumors were at their peak that it is coming with multiple changes in terms of design, software, and display. […]

How to Spy on Android Phone Calls & Surround Voices

So you have been feeling lately that your son or daughter has been harboring bad friendships. That they have been acting secretive and they try not to attend or make calls in your presence. Have their grades been falling, making you fall sick imagining them bunking their lessons? Or are you a businessman who wants […]

How to Hack Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

Galaxy S9 Plus is the flagship smartphone of Samsung which was rolled out in recent times. While the cutting edge features make this Samsung smartphone a treat for the users, the improved security functions can make it more challenging to sneak into the Android phone of someone else. Luckily, there are a few apps that […]

How to Turn On Android Microphone Remotely with Monitoring App

What if you could know what others speak about you behind your back? If you are an employer you can definitely keep tabs on the unproductive and unacceptable conversations of your workers. Parents can keep an eye on their kids‘ activities to safeguard them from scoundrels and predators. The latest technologies have made it possible […]

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