Best Employee Monitoring Methods to Increase Productivity

There are two main methods to monitor employees to enhance their productivity. Monitor the employees’ online activities Monitor the employees’ offline activities The monitoring of the employees can be performed using the very same devices that they use in the workplace. These devices can be effectively tapped and they can observe the online and the […]

Whatsapp Spy Software to Listen to Whatsapp Voice Messages

The term Voicemail was introduced by Televoice international and later on it becomes Voice mail international (VMI). It was initially introduced for service in the year of 1980s on a landline telephone. It eventually became generic and referring to virtually all automated voice services employing a telephone. In the current world, Voicemail popularity has been […]

WhatsApp Monitoring Software for Android

No matter what you think and what opinion you have about the contemporary android gadgets, the OS has hit the world by storm. Its user-friendly interface has fascinated the people who don’t even know the ABC of the technology and yet they are using the social networking apps on the android phones cell phones such […]

App Development Trends For Startup in 2018

2008-2018, can be called an entire decade of digital evolution and the changes are huge. Presently, there are certain changes that have affected mobile app development in India and over the world. So being mindful of these trends is more than essential to keep up with the race or you may stay behind. With web […]

How to Hilariously Spy on WhatsApp Conversation in Real Time

A guide for worried parents having concerns to keep their growing kids and teens away from bullies explicit, non-productive and violent Internet content or would you like to Monitor your girlfriend or boyfriend’s WhatsApp messages. TheOneSpy is your one-stop ticket to find out anything taking place on WhatsApp. WhatsApp is one of the most popular […]

How to Secure Android Phone Device?

Android smartphones over the years have been penetrated among people worldwide. On the other hand, there are under continuous cyber-attacks, and the old version of the androids is far more vulnerable than ever before. So, there is a dire need to protect the android phone. The question is how an ordinary android can protect its […]

Samsung galaxy s8 review

Your very first looks at Samsung Galaxy S8 turn your mind to have it within no time. Its large bezel-less display is without any doubt would be fascinating for the Android lover. On the other hand, its screen quality is up to the mark. When it comes to fingerprint scanner it would be a little […]

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