How to Become a Professional Gamer: 6 Top Things You Need

6 Top Things You Need to Become a Professional Gamer Internet gaming has become huge. Whether you enjoy solo slot games Book of Ra or multiplayer first-person shooters, you can find it all online. And the best part is that there’s no shortage of big tournaments all over the world. Professional gamers can win big, […]


INTRO Crossword is a staggering game of words where players get various clues and a series of letters. To begin the game, players need to fill the square grids by filling inappropriate words. Journalist Arthur Wynne conceived this game. It is accepted that this game originated from magic square games, which were enjoyed in the […]

An escape room blueprint analyzed: Hidden mechanics and technology deciphered

Escape rooms are a unique form of recreation that is based on ‘escape-the-room’ video games. This time-based game usually lasts for 60 –minutes, and during that duration of time, the teams need to solve all the puzzles in the room. All the team players play the role of the protagonists of an interactive story in […]

Why GTA games is best?

Introduction Few video games have achieved the heights of success like Grand Theft Auto, popularly known simply as GTA. The title is developed by Rockstar Games and delivers awesome graphics, excellent characters, a gripping plot and one of the widest open world gaming environments in the industry. There have been many gripping titles in the […]

Asus TUF 505 Review – The Best Gaming Laptop Under 700 in 2019

ASUS is among one of very few brands around the world who focus on gaming segments more than there. The ROG series of the same brands have been a viable option for avid gamers. Even the TUF series would not disappoint you from its look and robust gaming motherboards. With the advancement of technology, the […]

How are Smartphone Technologies Impacting the Gaming Industry

Smartphones are replacing almost all the gadgets that we have in our lives. From tablets to calculators to TVs, you name it, and the smartphone functions as that gadget. These little bad boys are even capable of replacing the torch. Not only this but your AC and TV remotes as well. And with the advent […]

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