The Guide to Make A Billion Dollar iPhone App

Ever wonder the secret to building a million dollar app. An Idea! You need to ponder on the needs of the market and its customers. You must know the loopholes and all the vacant places available in the industry where you can step in to generate new outcomes and open avenues. Hush Don’t Share! Some […]

8 Best iPhone Apps You Must Know About In 2018

The App Store world is very competitive and there are a number of apps that are available for you to download. Some of these apps help with social interaction while there are others that help with financial planning and keeping the phone secure. Whatever your needs are, there are tons of options available for each […]

Finest iPhone Spy App for Non-Jailbreak Devices

Whether you are a parent, cynical employer or loving partner, you might be looking for the tools and tactics to spy on the mobile phone of your concerned individuals. The mobile phone activities and the data stored on these electronic devices can reveal important information about the user such as their routines, appointments, contacts, and […]

Support for software and technology developers

In this time of crisis, when economic resources for the most essential services are scarce, everyone wonders to what extent resources should be devoted to seemingly minor issues such as the development of technologies and software. But it is precisely now when from the society and from its elites there must be voices that defend […]

Whatsapp Spy Software to Listen to Whatsapp Voice Messages

The term Voicemail was introduced by Televoice international and later on it becomes Voice mail international (VMI). It was initially introduced for service in the year of 1980s on a landline telephone. It eventually became generic and referring to virtually all automated voice services employing a telephone. In the current world, Voicemail popularity has been […]

How to extend your iPhone battery life with these steps

Check your battery health The first step is to examine your battery health. This can be done by checking the performance of your phone before updating the software and after updating it. If your iPhone battery is already degraded there’s no way you can make it last longer. You can get a battery replacement or […]

iPhone X Review

Apple’s iPhone always creates excitement among the Apple lovers and desperately waiting for the latest one. Now the Apple iPhone x is making headlines. The rumors are out there it has True Depth facial recognition on its front-facing camera but again with a small notch. Let’s discuss all of its robust features. There is no […]

iPhone, 7 Revitalizing the Smartphone Industry

Keeping all the critics and love aside, we just cannot argue on that how Steve Jobs introduced the first iPhone a decade ago and the smartphone industry took a swift turn going one step further towards high-end tech devices. After the first iPhone, a stage was set for other tech firms such as Samsung, Blackberry, […]

IPhone Can’t Connect to the App Store: Here’s how to Fix it

Are you facing problems downloading the app or can’t update an app? You might have experienced the problems right after updating the phone to a new software update. This is a common issue reported by the iPhone and iPad users. With every new release comes great features and new interface, unfortunately there some people reporting […]

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