4 Key Changes that You Will Witness in Future Smartphones

Unless and until devices that you use are updated frequently, you won’t find it useful enough to be used. And your smartphone is one of them. Smartphone brands continue to develop technologies to provide you with the best of innovations. It is the reason that the mobile phone that you used before 2 years before […]

Exclusive Gaming Phones and Concept Behind These Phones

Are you a gaming buff and wanted to buy the best gaming phone without investing too much in India? If yes, then you can see so many amazing gaming models across brands that it may make you spoiled for choices which one to and not. But you don’t have to worry as you can go […]


Mobile app development is now playing a vital role not only in our daily lives but it is also enhancing the business platform. Frequent use of mobile app technology has ultimately introduced jobs for mobile app developers in Chicago, students in universities are now well aware of the app development market trends that will enhance […]

Samsung Galaxy A20 S- Everything You Need to Know

Samsung Galaxy A20s is a mid-range device from Samsung. These devices are having a good track of providing some good specs at an affordable price range. The price tag of a mobile is $212. Software and Processors The Smartphone is running Android v9.0 (Pie) as an operating system. The phone is having Octa-core, 1.8 GHz, […]

5 Alternatives for Samsung Galaxy Repair and Replacement

In the year 2017, Samsung has revealed its 2 smartphones- Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+. This flagship denoted a new era in edge to edge displays with all-glass exterior and a great screen to body ratio. This elegantly pleasing model came accompanied with a major proviso; the phone’s external body is extremely vulnerable to splits […]

Note 9 is the reason why you should sell your Samsung galaxy s8 plus – Go Bigger

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ took the world by storm when they were launched last year. With the infinity display feature, both these phones were loved by people all around the world. S8 and S8+ have a sleek and beautiful look, everyone falls in love at first sight with this phone. Being the pioneer in […]

Spy Whatsapp Messages without Installing on Target Phone

Spy on WhatsApp messages seems very easy and on the search engine, you may have seen various posts that claim they will tell you how to track Whatsapp messages without installing WhatsApp spy app on the target phone? Lies and bluffs are common to make foolish to the readers in order to do scams and […]

Development of mobile applications: Technical bases to make an app

In this Content we want to expose the technical or more basic bases when making an Android app or an iOS app, to know the peculiarities of each operating system and how it affects the developers of applications that work with each one of them. Development of mobile applications for Android We started with the […]

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