Revealing the Positive Side of Spy Applications

Everything has its advantages and disadvantages and when it comes to spy applications, these have no exception. So, it depends on the user how they are using the particular software either the user is using for someone safety or for breaching someone’s privacy. Similar to the coin, it has two sides, one is for using […]


Why Facebook? Facebook addiction is most common because of the following facts. Facebook rules the Internet social media with 2.13 billion Monthly Active Users (MAU) in the 4th Quarter of the year 2017 with a handsome yearly increment of 14%. The majority of these social media users are the youth, the teenaged kids. Nearly half […]

Apps Help You to Have Checked on the Mobile of Kids

Rain of cell phones in the modern world has put everything into a discussion. It sounds crazy, but it is happening these days. You like someone! Or you don’t! I would sure about that, you will put your smartphone into your hands and you will discuss it with your friend via text messages, chat conversations […]

The Truth about Marijuana

Marijuana is also known for its different names such as weed, herb, pot, grass, Mary Jane and plenty of other slang terms. It seems greenish –gray and mixture of the dried flowers of cannabis sativa. There thousands of people in the modern world and even the post times when people used to smoke marijuana in […]

Parenting in the Age of Technology

Things are coming time-to-time and much has been made of technology. Technology has over the years one of the top and essential phenomenon in our human’s life no time ever before. The invention of smartphones –running with plenty of different operating systems such as Android, IOS, and blackberries have revolutionized the living standards of people […]

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