Curiosities in design of business cards that have been trend

Curiosities in the design of business cards that have been a trend

One of the most traditional graphic elements applied in the design of corporate identity, communication, and advertising is the business card. The design of business cards has the quality of transmitting information and contact data to potential customers and also, why not? Of doing it creatively following different design trends year after year.

One of the main differentiating factors of this promotional element over other forms or digital type is the possibility that it offers to reach other people in any place or circumstance.

Wherever you go, if you go with your professional business card, you will have prepared for any possible situation.

Peculiarities in the design of sight cards

The particularities of this element of branding in terms of the type of materials used, formats and concepts, have been changing and evolving towards much more innovative designs that stand out for their originality and good presentation.

Some have even marked a trend in the sector in recent years and may be quite curious, but according to what sectors can bring a very original touch that encourages the generation of new professional opportunities at any level.

Therefore, in this article, we expose an entertaining article with some very original designs on business cards that have been seen in recent years, which should not be overlooked if you do not want to go unnoticed.

1) Business cards with transparencies

It is not a trend in lingerie, transparency is also a differentiating factor in the professional design of business cards, as it not only brings an original appearance but also involves using other materials such as plastic or rubber, which makes your touch pleasant and exclusive.

2) Card designs created from vectors

Here we talk about an extrapolated trend of the 2.0 world and web design; the vectors. Used in design to create illustrations and corporate elements, such as logos, icons, and business cards, this graphic technique is highly recommended to convey a current image also in corporate identity.

3) Business cards style 2.0

Multi-screen generation and touch technology are also becoming a source of inspiration among designers to create creative and innovative business cards.

4) Cards made with other materials

Not only cardboard or plastic have created a trend in the design of cards, also other materials such as wood or rubber are very useful to convey the values of a brand or the essence of the service offered with them.

5) Designs that play with the shapes

Many brands manage to differentiate themselves by the originality of their branding elements and corporate identity. Especially companies like Mr. Wonderful sell creativity with more creativity, making for example of their cards nice cut-out materials.

6) Other creative tendencies

These and many other trends take the imagination and creativity of our designers to places where, surely, many had never come to suspect. Finally, here are some more examples that clearly mark an original style towards the extraordinary.

How to define the style for your business cards?

Given the great diversity in terms of designs and materials, before deciding on a type of design you have to take into account the following aspects:

  • Identify the purpose of your activity and the position that gives you your name as a professional.
  • Include a slogan that is consistent with your image as an independent professional or with corporate values.
  • Keep the information updated whenever there is any change to avoid confusion.
  • Do not include more data than necessary, blank spaces are necessary for clients to take notes.
  • The design in terms of typography, colors, shapes and materials should convey coherent values and, whatever these may be, it should inspire a professional and serious air.
  • By using high quality online logo design tool generate and do experiments on different and unique ideas.
  • Do not use pre-designs or poor quality materials, an element that aims to present a service should not cause bad impression.
  • If there is something that we can perceive in the designs of the business cards we have seen in recent times, it is the need to stand out for a creative and different design.
  • The economic situation has made more and more people have to create an original curriculum vitae to make us notice about the rest, showing this trend in many other supports of a professional nature.

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