8 Tips for Successful Reductions in Customer Churn

Businesses cannot afford to lose their customers because that translates to a loss in profits. Customer churn kills company growth, so it must be addressed thoroughly and consistently before it even starts. Don’t wait for clients to abandon you. Stay one step ahead by doing these low-cost methods to combat churn and boost your sales:

Focus Your Target Marketing

Acquiring new customers is not the only name of the game, but customer retention is the more important task. Identify who your most profitable clients are, and focus your marketing efforts on them, so they will feel special and be more inclined to stay loyal to your company. In the long run, it is more profitable to work on existing customers because they buy more of your goods and services. On top of that, targeting them requires less marketing capital, as opposed to just reaching out to new clients.

Entice People to Subscribe

Think of a marketing plan that offers an annual contract or yearly subscription. Make this substantially cheaper than monthly plans. This ties people to the company and that length of time allows them to be more familiar with your products or services. If they like it, they will renew. Make yourself an indispensable part of their routine.

Stop Generic Emails

Nothing is more off-putting than a mass email that clients know you send to everyone else. Craft emails that are tailor fit for their needs. This shows that you have taken the time and effort to get to know them. On top of that, it highlights your appreciation.

Enhance Your Customer Service Efforts

Terrible customer service is one of the reasons why clients switch to a different brand. How you deal with your clients is the key determinant of customer churn. A company offering terrible service who doesn’t listen to feedback, makes no effort in replying to inquiries, dares to make the clients wait, treats customers like numbers, and is not available for assistance is more likely to lose their clients. Keep in mind that customer is king!

Build Resources For Your Clients

Those people who purchase your services or product need materials they can easily access should they encounter product/services issues. It is also important to update them on the latest company trends and newest product launches. Put a comprehensive Q&A page, provide a downloadable free manual, keep them updated with webinars, and direct them to your company blog. If you make consistent efforts to regularly touch base with the clients by offering useful resources, they will be more inclined to stay with you because you have established a relationship with each other.

Show Personalized Appreciation

Aside from personalized emails that show thanks, people love it when companies off them incentives for their loyalty. Surprise your more active clients by upgrading their membership to a better plan. Offers like promos, special codes, free products, and the like are also appreciated. Going the extra mile shows your clients that you are invested in them. Showing appreciation to your customers also exemplify that you are a cut above your competitors because you care more.

Work On At-risk Clients

Look out for red-flags that indicate that a customer is on the verge of leaving. Watch out for low activity, complaints, incomplete implementation of services, poor feedback, and the like. Prevention is always better than cure so be on your toes for these indicators. Once you see them nip them, immediately nip them in the bud to keep your customers from bailing on you.

Appreciate Customers Even If they Leave

Even if your clients leave you, stay classy and thank them for their business. You cannot stop people from leaving, but you can still make a good impression. Request them for feedback before they go, citing that you need data to help improve. Never burn bridges because they may be inclined to work with you again.

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