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The Different Types Of Online Events

Today the scenario of our social life has been completely changed. Now it’s all about staying connected via the internet only.. In this new pandemic situation, we have learned how to study without visiting schools/college/university, we became habituated to give our work presentation over a rectangle screen. Moreover, our whole living pattern has been completely changed. But in this harsh year, we became more productive as well as self sufficient . Remember the lockdown period when we were learning to cook, meditating ourselves more, giving time to our family, and attending some really informative online events. Yes, the demand for virtual events has dramatically increased in 2020 and we feel this should go on. Here we are listing some different kinds of virtual events that you can arrange or just become a participant in.

These are as follow:-

Webinars- According to a recent survey it could be stated that webinar takes the first place as the most demanded online event arranged in 2020. It’s a kind of virtual seminar where

the host talks about a particular topic. A lot of participants can join a webinar at one time and share their opinions and thoughts as well. It allows the participants to post their queries through a chat box but also encourages them to engage in various types of online discussions, training events, and moreover allow them to share audio documents so easily.

Most webinars are educational and also some webinars provide certificates or various types of participating perks to the participants like whoever had joined that virtual event.

Online Workshops- Now this is something really productive. This includes a number of online sessions where the host demonstrates the real life application of something. It’s about learning a new skill virtually. Throughout the sessions, the trainer guides all the participants, assigns homework or some new tasks, asks questions, and at the end provides certificates to all the participants who have completed the entire sessions successfully. Such workshops are about giving training to the students by sharing instructional videos, giving live demo sessions, and taking an online exam that participants have to qualify. They also provide various other rewards for their participation for their understanding capabilities.

Virtual music concerts- This is something refreshing. Yes – A music concert can be organized virtually. The biggest advantage of this virtual event is it sets the audience free from going to a crowded place. Rather it allows all the audiences to listen to their favourite singer by seating comfortably at their own place. During the lockdown period when people were becoming frustrated this online event was like fresh air and was actually creating a “good vibe”.On the other hand, this concept was also beneficial for the artists too as it helps to keep fans engaged and moreover provides a great platform to monetize their work.

Online trade events- This is indeed a smart move by the reputed business firms. Many of us have noticed even before a pandemic situation the internet was playing a vital role. Talking about in terms of marketing, the internet deeply influenced the mind of customers in buying their products.

Trading products only is one of the most effective strategies. It’s about launching a new product or service via the internet. In such events, the host gives a speech about that newly arrived product. The biggest advantage of this online event is it helps a company to reach million customers at a time and the whole audience can be served without any boundaries. So we could say every business from small to the large business organization could arrange a trade event to promote their business globally.

Thus to conclude the internet has made our life easier, comfortable, and productive. The above listed online events exemplify how we could use the internet in a more productive manner. There’s no denying that the internet plays a very essential role in our lives and has made a significant impact on our lives.

Addison Albert
Addison is a digital marketing expert and business developer at He loves to write on internet marketing, social media marketing and how to improve online business tips. To know more about his work follow him on his social platforms.


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