Anyone who is familiar with the term ‘torrenting’ knows how important the seedbox is. Seedboxes are particular servers that are used for handling torrent clients. It is usually rented. Normally a torrent holder rents cheap seedbox from big companies, i.e. they are hired by the holder for torrenting. At the end, when the download is finished, it can download by other means like HTTP r FTP.

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Benefits of the seed box

Normally seedboxes have a huge impact on the torrent facility. They normally have the below-mentioned benefits–

  1. Increased speed for both uploading and downloading purposes.
  2. It helps to decrease the load on the computer, making it work smoother.
  3. It helps to bypass the ISP traffic and bit torrent obstruction.
  4. Seedbox is a good option for security purpose as well. It can secure the seeding through private tracking which also gives the edge to compete for the seeding of the other members.
  5. Seedbox can increase the download speed by many folds. It can be of huge help in case of slow torrent download speed.
  6. It can run on almost every major operating system like Windows, Linux or Mac OS, etc.

What is a seedbox?

Seedbox can be considered as a server which is used for safe uploading or downloading files at high speed like 12.5 MBPS or1250 MBPS. Individuals with seedbox facility can download the files from torrent secretly. It normally equips the bit torrent protocol for its functioning, i.e., uploading and downloading files. Some providers provide a fixed speed while others are developing technology that enables change of the range of speed of the seedbox according to the clients need. Downloading of files from torrent through seedbox application uses HTTP, FTP, SFTP or rsync protocols for operations. This feature increases the secrecy of the service and eliminates the hassle of proper ratio. Some seedboxes also offer VNC connection, which is known as remote desktop control, available on some windows supported system. Some seedboxes can manage more torrent-specific software involving the web interfaces of famous torrent clients like rTorrent, µTorrent, Deluge, etc. Some clients can also handle the mobile interface.

Source: Quora

Speed of the seedbox

Generally, a normal seedbox can provide a download speed of almost 100 Mbit/s and the same speed in case uploading. This 1:1 ratio is the most attractive property of speed box. Not only the ratio but also the high speed in the functioning of the speed box is another reason behind its popularity in bit torrent and P2P communities. Seedboxes can also help to create a loophole in the bandwidth throttling which is set by Internet Service Providers. Laws like HADOPI law in France can also be fooled by these seedboxes.

Thus, these some essential details about cheap seedbox features that makes it so special in the torrenting world. The torrent world has seen a rapid increase after the discovery of the existence of seedboxes.

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