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How to Download Facebook chat with a monitoring app

Everyone is familiar with the Facebook chat, but I believe that very few have known the phenomenon of tracking it. People use different types of monitoring apps these days and free methods to do surveillance on someone’s FB chat conversations. It does not seem that easy that we imagine to by-pass the security of the social messaging app, however, people may manipulate the Facebook security loop-holes and target the chat of someone’s FB account. What you thin! Is it possible to download someone’s instant messenger’s chat conversations without exploiting the security gaps of the instant messaging app?

Yes, you can spy on Facebook chat with the TheOneSpy Monitoring app. It empowers the user to track the social messaging app to the fullest and you can view the conversation in order to get the information you are looking for.

Why track Facebook social media app conversations?

There is not a single reason behind that activity to download your target Facebook account user on the mobile phone. It is possible that parents want to track the social messaging app chat in order to know whom they are talking and is the nature of the text conversations. There is a top 5 Parental Control app. Furthermore, they can come to know what sort of friend’s kids and teens have on the online media platform FB. Furthermore, Facebook chat messages can be tracked by the employer of any business organization when employees are chatting on the messenger within the working hours on the company’s owned devices. However, suspicious partners who believe that someone has gone wrong with their relationship and they want to confirm that either their spouse is cheating them or not. So, they really use monitoring apps in order to download the Facebook social messaging app.

What to do? To download Facebook chat

All you need to choose the best monitoring app for cell phones that allow a user to spy on the target cell phone and to download the target Facebook account chat. First and foremost, users have to subscribe to the Monitoring Facebook messenger app and for this purpose, you have to visit the official website of the mobile phone tracking app. Once you have visited the official website, then make a subscription and you will get the credentials. Now install the best cell phone spying software on your target phone having physical access to it. The time you have successfully done with the procedure, the very next moment you need to activate it on the target user’s smartphone.

Get access to web portal/install TOS dashboard app

You have two best options; either you get access to the online dashboard through the web by using the passcode and ID. You can also install the TOS dashboard app on your personal device to avoid getting access to the control panel by using credentials back and forth. Use the keys and get access to the online control panel and further you can get visit the Facebook monitoring tools that are very helpful to download the FB chat or to view it remotely.

Use IM’s social media

You can visit the features of cell phone monitoring software and get your hands on IM’s social media tracking & Then You just need to tap on it and then create a command and send it to the target cell phone the time Facebook is being used by your target and You can remotely download all the chat conversations happen into the cell phone tracking app online dashboard. The chat happened to be on the messenger on the target phone will automatically sync it to the dashboard and you can further download on your personal phone.


You can also use the keylogger monitoring tool for FB on your target phone and get all the applied keystrokes on your target cell phone. You can get password keystrokes, chat keystrokes, messenger keystrokes and others. A user can use these keystrokes and get access to the target Facebook account to the fullest and further get access to FB chat and get to know what sort of conversation has made by the target user.


A user can remotely capture the screenshots of the chat happen to be on the FB Messenger remotely and can view the chat form your cell phone gallery in the shape of screenshots.



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