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Dumbest things you do with your Smart Phone

We all make mistakes. Whether it is in the form of individually or collectively. We make mistakes while doing the driving, in the kitchen making an omelette, playing a favourite sport or using a mobile phone in a toilet seat. We all do idiot and stupid things in a while, and it’s a fact. Everyone deserves to make mistakes in daily routine life. 

As mobile phones are now an essential part of our lives and we use them like millions of times every day. We may do dumbest things on our mobile phones as well.Smartphones are becoming smarter each passing day, but people using them are not necessarily doing so. 

It can create a lot of chaos if we use our mobile phone as a dumb. Like using a speakerphone in public while doing a private call and thinking that people are not listening to your conversation. Or waving your mobile phone screen in a concert to get attention, using unnecessary and unsafe game apps to let them hack your phone, or taking extremely dangerous selfies to upload them on Facebook and get a lot of likes and shares arvig webmail. These all are stupid and dumbest things you do to your Smartphone.

Now the question arises that why we are so dumb sometimes while using these small extraordinary gadgets in our hands? 

Well, the answer lies within the reasons itself, by avoiding these dumbest things. So here are some everyday things you are doing with your mobile phones that seem foolish and it’s not your fault. 

Downloading every app:

We all know that most of us have a habit of keeping expensive smartphones and downloading every app we like. But does we know that not all the apps are safe? Yeah, welcome to malware city. If you want to keep it fresh, don’t try to download every app. Quite a few apps have malware and viruses in them, which can harm your mobile phone and compromise your data privacy.

Taking dangerous selfies

We all have heard the news about the women who died while trying to take a selfie on the ledge. Only professionals are allowed to click selfies from a dangerous spot. So unless or until you are a professional, don’t try to be over smart. It can cost you your life. 

Taking too many selfies

I seriously do not know why we have an obsession with clicking selfies every time. Part of me wishes each time when I see people taking too many selfies, that front-facing cameras were never invented in the first place. You have a beautiful face… Why making it duck-like face when clicking selfies? Does anybody know the answer? Please share in the comment section below..!

Using speaker phones in public

I have seen a lot of people using their smartphones with speakers ON. Well, if you are a mature person, don’t do this. Listen to your calls without speakers unless you want to annoy everyone around you. I suggest if you’re going to use a mobile phone in public for making a call then use your headphones. Even second-hand phones have clear voice quality.

Video shooting in Portrait Mode

If you are a video shooting lover, then you must know that videos are shoot vertically instead of horizontally. I cringe whenever I see people doing the opposite. To all my friends and readers of these lines, please note keep your smartphone camera vertical while shooting your videos 0123movies. Don’t ruin your birthday party video by shooting it horizontally. Videos look cut off when you pull them horizontally whether you are shooting from brand new mobile phones or used mobile phones.

Shutting down all the background running Apps

We use hundreds of apps daily while using our smartphones. And most of them are still running in the background even if we are not using these apps. And suddenly we open our mobile phone and close all the apps at once thinking that this will help the battery and speed up the phone, right?

Well, I don’t think this will do anything good for your mobile phones. Mobile phones nowadays are not like your desktop computer or a web browser where leaving the apps running will slow down your PC. Your mobile phone app has nothing to do with this myth.

Using Smartphone while walking

You are sane if you never use your mobile phone while walking a busy street. Congratulations! Using a smartphone while walking is a painfully dumb thing. There are extreme dangers in doing texting while walking. If you do this, avoid this bad habit at your earliest.

Having Dark Wallpaper at the screen to save battery

A lot of people will suggest you keep a black background on your mobile phone to save battery. Do you think it is the right suggestion?

Well, the answer is NO. We all know that most of the battery life drainage is caused by keeping the screen on and active. But using a black background to save the battery is something I cannot understand.

Avoiding overcharging of the phone

Do you keep an eye on the charging point while the mobile phone is charging to avoid overcharging? If yes, then you should stop doing so. Your expensive and smart, mobile phone knows when its battery has reached the 100 per cent maximum level. So you should sleep without any worries.

Keep notification volume full.

You are in a busy meeting or sleeping after a tiresome day, and suddenly your phone beeps up very loudly, and everyone in the meeting room gets distracted by it. I feel the embarrassment you would have on that particular time. Do the world a favour and drill into your settings and turn down the volume of your notifications or mute them totally to avoid any further embarrassment. 

Relying too much on your Smartphone

We rely too much on our mobile phones. We use them in communication, directions, information and even in our relationships. But do we also think that what happens when your mobile phone runs out of battery and shut down? So rely on yourself rather than on your Smartphone.

Sulina Williams
Sulina is writing in the field of Technology from past 5 years. She is a geek in digital parenting hacks, social media analysis, and business marketing.


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