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Email marketing ideas for SMBs  

Email marketing is one of the marketing strategies for small businesses that can help in reaching out to new customers as well retaining existing customers simultaneously. 

Especially for small businesses, this is a perfect opportunity to connect with audiences, engage with prospects, and close deals – all it takes is creative ideas and proper planning.

Monthly newsletters 

As a beginner, when you are the most confused about what to send, and where to start, monthly newsletters are a savior. 

By means of newsletters, you can get in front of your email subscribers regularly updating them with the latest news, ongoing offers, etc.,  

Besides this, you can use newsletters to share tips and tricks with your audience; this will help you to position your brand as an industry leader. 

For example, if you are running a plumbing service business, you can share guidelines with your audience on how to protect their pipes during the winter season. 

Here is a tip for you to build an email list efficiently. 

If you are struggling to build an email list and do not know how to find email addresses for free, you could use email finder tools. 

How to find email addresses using email finder tools? 

You may use email search tools like GetEmail.io to find ten email addresses for free every month, with their Gmail extension, you can find hundred email addresses with the company domain. 

I hope that was insightful. 

Referral program  

You might know the power of word-of-mouth marketing; it can never be underestimated. People get easily convinced to buy from a brand that’s referred to them by their friends and family.  

You can continue to harness this power with email marketing.  

Yes, with the help of email marketing, you can educate your audience about the referral program, how they can benefit from it, etc., and grow your business. 

Rewarding your audience with discounts 

Unlike big companies, it is not that easy for small businesses to give huge discounts to everyone. But here is a tip for you.  

You can launch a “subscriber-only discount” reward and let everyone know about it using your website and social media channels. 

With this, you will be able to encourage people to subscribe to your email list.  

Isn’t it a two-way benefits system – both you and your subscribers benefit from this?  

Launch holiday email campaigns early  

You need to stay ahead of time and convince your customers before the holiday season begins.  

This allows people to be aware of the offers in advance and enables them to make their shopping plans with your brand. 

Establish a personal connection 

People love to continue with brands they trust and have faith in. You need to build personal connections with your subscribers to earn their trust.  

Here are some ways to achieve that: 

Share your brand story with your customers, you can tell them how it all started, and where do you dream of taking it further.

Let the world know about your work culture.  

Make your subscribers part of your celebration 

For every milestone you achieve and on special occasions like your business’s birthday, you can offer special discounts to your email subscribers.  

This way you are giving your subscribers an opportunity to celebrate your achievements and important days.  

Concluding thoughts 

When you employ the strategies discussed in this article in the right manner, you can boost the sales of your business. 

You don’t have to incorporate all of these at one time, just pick the one that’s most relevant to you. 



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