Best Employee Monitoring Methods to Increase Productivity

Best Employee Monitoring Methods to Increase Productivity

There are two main methods to monitor employees to enhance their productivity.

  • Monitor the employees’ online activities
  • Monitor the employees’ offline activities

The monitoring of the employees can be performed using the very same devices that they use in the workplace. These devices can be effectively tapped and they can observe the online and the offline activities of the employees. The cameras and microphones fitted in mobile phones and computers are the best tools available to keep your employees under surveillance.

Spy software like TheOneSpy can do the job. It is software has many features that are up to 250 which can be considered as methods for monitoring employees. We will mention some of the main methods that can be effectively used to monitor your employees and work towards the enhancement of productivity in the workplace.

Method #1: TheOneSpy Spy 360

Spy 360 is a method that can be enabled on a mobile phone device or a computer and put the digital equipment over a task to stream live the video footage from the camera in real time. You can also use the same feature to listen to live conversations that take place in the surrounding of the device whether it is a mobile phone, tablet or computer. As long as the device is compatible with TheOneSpy and can connect to the Internet and has built-in cameras and a microphone. It can be used for real-time offline surveillance of the employees once installed with TheOneSpy spy app.

Method #2: Bugging

TheOneSpy offers a bugging tool that can generate a command to capture the microphone or the camera and turn it on to be observations. Hence, there are two kinds of bugs in TheOneSpy, one is called “Mic Bug” and the other one is called “Cam Bug.” Once you generate the command (known as a bug), it can activate the mic and cameras as mentioned before. You will be able to acquire the recorded video footage and the recorded voices that take place around the device. Another useful sub-feature of bugging can take live snapshots that you can easily configure and send it to the mobile of the computer device. It will capture the snapshots that you can configure. The Bugging feature of TheOneSpy does not require any coding or any other technical jargon or knowledge. The complete tool is graphically based.

Method #3:  Live Screen Recording

This perhaps the most important feature of TheOneSpy, it is a method that has to be implemented at every workplace and office. One big reason for falling employee productivity is the use of social media by employees. Employees at work can spend hours (from one hour up to three hours) on social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Snapchat.

The Live Screen Recoding method to monitor the employees, when enabled on the device such as a computer or a mobile phone puts the target under observation. As soon as the user starts using the compatible social media apps the monitoring software will start creating a video recording of the screen and sends it to the person who is doing the surveillance. The recording not only gives you the information that how much time the employee spends on their favorite social media apps on their mobile, tablet or computer but it also tells you that what they do on the social media apps.

Method #4: Screen Shots

One of the best ways to monitor employees to analyze and spot the problems negatively affecting the productivity of a worker at the workplace is to take frequent screenshots of the devices he or she uses. The images that are relayed are extremely useful to come up with productivity solutions is a scientific way. Measures can be taken to alter the behavior of the employee who spends a lot of time in a distracted state during work but in order to implement the behavior-altering strategies the first step is to monitor and analyze and figure out the solutions from there.

TheOneSpy can provide you a very sound base to monitor and keep your employees under observation to come up with effective solutions that work.

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