How to extend your iPhone battery life with these steps..

How to extend your iPhone battery life with these steps

Check your battery health

The first step is to examine your battery health. This can be done by checking the performance of your phone before updating the software and after updating it. If your iPhone battery is already degraded there’s no way you can make it last longer. You can get a battery replacement or a new handset. However, you can check your battery health from the settings when the battery gets lower at 20%. You can reduce the app usage of certain apps that consume a lot of battery to extend it comparatively.

Reduce screen brightness

This is one tip you should remember while you’re not using your phone you can reduce down the brightness level. You can even enable the Auto Brightness which will adjust the brightness according to the light. There’s a Night Mode option too which you can enable at night when you’re scrolling through apps or reading a book. This feature makes sure the brightness is adjusted according to the environment you’re in.

Use Wi-Fi and Data mode when possible

Wi-Fi and Mobile Data are two things that consume a considerable amount of battery. Data uses a considerable amount of battery so whenever it’s possible to toggle off the Wi-Fi and Mobile Data option to save your battery from draining.

Don’t use the iPhone in extreme temperature

Your iPhone isn’t capable of working in extreme temperature whether it’s too hot or too cool. The extreme hot and cold temperatures will damage your phone battery and will diminish the chance of making your battery last longer.

Turn off Location services

Location service is one of the most facilitating services in the iPhones. You can use GPS service anytime anywhere to find your desired location, the nearest restaurant, nearby Wi-Fi Places, and more. You might not know but the apps on your phone are using your location. You can disable location services to save some power.

Reduce Auto-Lock time

Auto Lock is a feature that automatically locks your phone after some time. You have to select the time you wish your phone to get locked after. You can choose 30 seconds, 1 minute or two minutes from the options. It’s advisable to select 30 seconds to lock your phone as this will stop your phone to consume your battery unnecessarily.

Disable unnecessary animations

The animations in your phone can give a negative impact to your iPhone battery. We believe the motion and visual effects are appealing yet damaging to the battery, therefore, it’s advisable to disable them.

Other Tips

Apart from these iPhone X tips, there are other tips that should be kept in mind to save your phone battery. Make sure your phone is running on the latest software update. Disable Background App Refresh. Turn off location services.

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