Free WhatsApp spy software

Free WhatsApp spy software

Instant messaging apps are one of the most popular tech-creatures in terms of use of services. Since the cellphones and gadgets have come into existence and the digital revolution has played its role to provide internet services on all digital devices and gadgets. So, we can see now everyone has their own individual cell phones of different OS and similar is the case with the gadgets such as tablets, pads, and tabs. On the other hand, am quite sure that all of these gadgets and devices are full of instant messengers especially WhatsApp social media app.

It is undoubtedly one of the most fascinating and famous social messaging app all across the world in modern times. The reason behind its immense popularity is its state of art and end to end encrypted features that allow users to use it without paying a single penny. WhatsApp social media app enables the user to send and receive text messages, chat conversations, share media files such as photos and videos, audio and video conversations and to send WhatsApp Voice messages.

However, there are some people that are looking forward to spying WhatsApp messenger in order to view the activities happen on it installed on any cell phone and gadget. The nature of spying activity could be different such as for parenting reasons and even for the employee monitoring reasons. So, they usually visit the web and type a few keywords as given below.

Free WhatsApp spy app for parenting

Having said that, parents visit the cyberspace and try to find out free WhatsApp monitoring app that allows them to record their kids and teens WhatsApp message, audio and video files attached, android mobile phone calls, to use the camera to secretly take photos, spy on SMS, MMS, and other social messaging apps. However, most of the free WhatsApp tracking apps claim to save audio and video files from WhatsApp messages.

However, it further enables the user to do live WhatsApp screen recording and to remotely capture WhatsApp screenshots and number of other ones. But, all of these free social media monitoring apps are mostly comes untrue and it may be a scam or bluff for you at the end of the day. So, don’t blindly trust in these types of free spying tools to monitor the WhatsApp instant messaging app.

On the other hand, worried parents don’t want to let their kids and teens engage themselves with the strangers online. Therefore, they desperately try to install the free WhatsApp monitoring software on the kids and teens cell phones and often lose all the data stored in the children phone or they have to spend hours and hours to perform a single spying activity on the target phone.

Free WhatsApp monitoring app to spy employees

When it comes to the business world, WhatsApp instant messenger is equally popular important and enable employees and employers to have chit chat within the working hours that means a lot in terms of instructions and task announcement.

So, they use the WhatsApp social networking app as a free communications tool to make audio and video calls to the employers who are outside the premises of the company, send and receive messages, shared company’s work profiles and plenty of other activities. Most of the time employees have a reservation about their employee’s activities within the working hours on social networking app WhatsApp. They make gossips and make lobbies within the office, a waste time within the working hours and they can share to the third party sensitive information once turned disgruntled.

Now the question has arisen, how parents can spy on the children Whatsapp to protect them from all digital dangers and to prevent them from the adoption of bad habits of sexting, texting all day long, access to the carnal content or sharing compromised photos and videos of themselves get closer to cyber predators willingly or accidentally. So, forget the bluffs and scammers who claim to provide you a free monitoring app for WhatsApp.

Install cell phone spy app and get WhatsApp monitoring tools

The first and foremost thing you need to know is to make sure that your target device is running with an android or IOS operating system. Once you have confirmed it, and then simply get the subscription of the mobile phone spy app for android. Then you will receive an email that contains the credential such as passcode and ID. Now get physical access to children’s or employees phones that you have owned. Install it on the device and the moment you have installed it successfully. Then activate the cell phone surveillance software on the target device and while you are doing this you will receive a pop –up to the message “either you use it secretly or not”.

Then choose the best option you need and activate it on the target cell phone or gadget of your employees or children. Now use the passcode and ID that you have got via email at the time you have got the subscription and get access to the online control panel of the smart cell phone tracking app and further you just need to visit the features. Will it be the WhatsApp spy app tool? Yes, it is, you will be able to get your hands on the WhatsApp monitoring app tool powered by the mobile phone spy software.

Use WhatsApp spy software tools

Live WhatsApp screen recording

You can use the live screen recording of WhatsApp that makes you have back to back short videos of the cell phone screen when the messenger is running on the target cell phone of your employees or children. You can get access to the videos via an online control panel and get to know the activities.

WhatsApp Voice messages

The user can listen to the Voice messages of WhatsApp using the cell phone spy software on the target cell phone

IM’s Social Media

You can view WhatsApp logs such as chat conversations, messages, audio, and video conversations, shared media files and others.


Free WhatsApp spy app is the best idea especially when it comes to spying on kids and employees WhatsApp activities. Use secure and user-friendly cell phone monitoring app and monitor the messenger with the complete time stamp and accuracy.

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