An essential guide for advertising on LinkedIn

If your company is dedicated to B2B or offers attractive services for professionals, advertising on LinkedIn is your site. But if we compare it with other options such as Facebook Ads, we see that it is still a relatively unknown solution.

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network, with 546 million registered users and 260 million active users per month ( April 2018, Statista). In addition, we can find 40 million decision makers, 10 million opinion leaders, 61 million senior influencers and 6 million managers.

Do you want to access this entire audience with effective LinkedIn advertising? Keep reading!

What options do I have to advertise on LinkedIn?

1) Text Ads

Text ads are the most basic option to start advertising your business on LinkedIn. Its main elements are the image, the title, and the description; From there, you can choose between several formats.

Text ads can appear in different places on LinkedIn, for example, at the top of the page or in the right column. To attract the attention of your audience and get conversions, it is essential to use a clear and direct language, choose an attractive image and optimize the owner to the maximum.

2) Sponsored InMail messages

InMail messages work like LinkedIn’s private mail. This advertising option allows you to send messages to segmented users through the LinkedIn email client (LinkedIn Messenger).

A very interesting feature of sponsored InMail messages is that users only receive them if they are active on LinkedIn, which increases the chances of success. To make them work, try to personalize the message to the maximum, be concise and make the call to action very clear

3) Sponsored content

The sponsored content allows you to share content on your company’s page and promote it to a segmented audience to increase the audience. The promoted content will appear in the feed of the home page (on all devices) and on the right side of the home page (on desktop computers).

This option is excellent to expand the reach of news about your company, promotions or other relevant content. In addition, it is not limited to text articles only, but you can also include SlideShare presentations and, since October 2017, video ads.

Video ads have a prominent presence in the news feed and have a call button to the option that remains active throughout the video playback time, which maximizes the chances of generating leads.

4)Display Ads

This advertising format on LinkedIn is aimed at the programmatic purchase, that is, you can acquire these ads through advertising platforms and private or public auctions.

Display ads offer a more eye-catching format than classic text ads, with large images and the ability to include videos and audios. It is an option to consider if you are looking to attract the attention of users in the early stages of the conversion funnel.

These ads are located only on the most trafficked pages of LinkedIn, a privileged location to get visualizations and results faster.

5) Dynamic Ads

Last but not least, dynamic ads are an advertising format on LinkedIn whose content is generated dynamically based on the activity and the profile of the audience. For example, if LinkedIn detects that a user is looking for work in your sector, it can show you the offer that suits your characteristics.

Dynamic ads include copies and calls to action designed by advertisers and incorporate dynamically generated images from the profile of the members. They are a fantastic way to draw attention, establish new relationships and attract subscribers to your company page.

Mordan Sean:

The author of the above content is professional digital marketing who has assisted many brands in increasing their ROI. Currently, he is associated with SK Web Designing Solutions a leading Custom Logo Design Services provider in the United States.

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