How are Smartphone Technologies Impacting the Gaming Industry

Smartphones are replacing almost all the gadgets that we have in our lives. From tablets to calculators to TVs, you name it, and the smartphone functions as that gadget. These little bad boys are even capable of replacing the torch. Not only this but your AC and TV remotes as well. And with the advent of the Internet and affordable packages like Optimum Deals, you can watch movies and play games on your smartphone too. In fact, smartphones have and are influencing the gaming industry largely – in a good way.

Here’s how:

In-Pocket Device and Gaming

The advent of the smartphone itself introduced a huge change in the gaming industry. It brought challenges for game developers. Because smartphones meant that gamers could play games at any given time. So the developers had to design games for mobile users as well. Apart from providing a challenge for the game developers, the introduction of games on smartphones also opened many avenues for them.

Before the advent of smartphones, users had to purchase games and spend time playing a specific game. They had to invest a lot in the hardware. But smartphones were a game-changer. The game developers created games that the gamers could just download or purchase and play very conveniently. This was a big boom for the gaming industry because the introduction of smartphones meant that games were accessible to a greater audience. And that too with much ease than before.

This gave birth to a whole new industry mobile gaming. Although, mobile games existed in the past as well. But companies soon started developing apps dedicated to gaming only.

Mobile Apps and the Gaming Industry

The development and shift of games from consoles to smartphones did not happen overnight. Gaming consoles still do not have any replacement because the complex nature of games that one can play on the consoles cannot be played on smartphones. However, there were certain platforms that allowed gaming to enter the world of smartphones smoothly. Among the many platforms, Unity was the first one allowing developers to design games without having any prior knowledge about coding. In this way, the developers were able to introduce the games in the market within days.

Because the console game developers soon realized that smartphones are taking over. They had to take measures to design games for that platform as well. This had an effect on both mobile as well as console gaming. The console games now look like the ones played on smartphones as well. Individuals are now able to develop their own games as well. Hence, making it easy for them to enter the world of gaming. However, this increases competition as well.

Not only this, but smartphones were responsible for the concept of ‘in-app purchases.’ This meant that the people who wished to download a game had to pay to get access to all the features. Thus, changing the dynamics of the gaming industry.

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Other Technologies Changing the Gaming Industry

However, the world of gaming continues to evolve. Many other technologies played an important part in changing the world of gaming as well.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has brought changes to an immense number of industries. Gaming is one of them. Perhaps, one of those for which AI opened many new avenues as well. AI helps in bringing the virtual worlds that exist in games to life. Especially when the characters in the games played against the players, which offers a very unique experience to the gamers.

Because AI makes it look like the gamers are fighting the game characters in real. Thus, engaging gamers. Artificial Intelligence is not only restricted to the laptops that you play games on or the desktop alone but smartphones as well.

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Graphical Upgrades

Apart from Artificial Intelligence, graphics were a huge game-changer in the gaming world as well. The details and the special effects that graphics are capable of adding, it just amazes people. While graphics were a part of the gaming industry before as well, but advanced graphics give gamers the experience that they could not imagine in the past.

Summing Up

Apart from that, gamers these days also have the leverage to play games by connecting the PlayStation or the Xbox to any screen they like. For example, TV. So, you do not always have to subscribe to Optimum Cable packages to make use of your TV. You can use it for gaming too. And if you think that you do not have enough time, games are always available on smartphones. Play whenever and wherever you like.

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