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How Social Media is Dangerous for Teens?

Social media is a very useful channel for us and its utility cannot be refused, Through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapshot, WhatsApp, YouTube, we are building a great link between us and the rest of the world.

But the overuse of social media is damaging the mental and physical health of our teens, they are using face book, Instagram, and other apps just for the sake of their time pass. But the fact is that they are not just passing their time but wasting their time, they wake up at night and use social media with their smart phones which is increasing the risk of sleep deprivation. Our teens are affecting the evil of social media on the following grounds.


Many celebrities have social media accounts and they are being followed by people and teens. The celebrities are highly paid to promote the product and services, they have to wear the different dresses, sometimes they have to promote the lingerie brand, and our teens follow them and take their snaps and upload on social media for likes and comments which is leading to promote bad culture.


Unfortunately, we follow narcissism, many groups exist in this world, some have a high living standard, and some have middle and low living standards, people post their snaps sometimes with luxury cars, at five-hotels, sometimes with models and actors. The people, who cannot do such, begin to envy. Sometimes a high number of likes and comments to one’s post causes envy, teens have become habitual in doing so, and then they begin to envy in their real lives, and cracks will begin to start in relationships.


Loneliness is also an evil which is forcing the teens to live alone. All social media activities begin at night and teens login their accounts at night, most of the time they spend alone with their smart phones. They are getting themselves ready to live alone. They don’t bear any interruption while using social media. It is alarming because the addiction of loneliness leads to cut-off from the family.

Lack of Social Activities:

Social activities are essential for growth, mental health, physical health, communication skill, but teens almost have limited themselves to their phones. They can’t communicate well without social activities even they meet with their friends on social media accounts. As a result, teens are losing a valuable tool called communication skills.

Adults Group:

Often adults group are full of nude content, pornography, sexual stories, teens join these groups, watch this content, read such stories, due to which they lose their sexual health. Teens have become addicted to this evil.


No one can refuse the utility of social media. Teens can positively use this facility. They can connect themselves with the rest of the world. They can do online business, shopping, and entertainment at free hours. They can get coaching classes from foreign teachers. The parents should keep an eye on the social media activities of their teens by using spy apps, due to which they will be able to monitor the activities of their teens.



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