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How to Create an Online Taxi Booking App for Your Business?

With the rapid evolution of the digital world, the conservative business has become a thing of the past. Every businessman who wants to become or has experience takes advantage of these technological advancements. One of the fundamental changes in the spread and commencement of online business practices through mobile applications. Groceries, food, jewelry, home accessories, and taxi services are just a few examples that are fully available in their business.

The taxi booking business is one of the businesses available in the market and is ever-growing. In recent years, online taxi booking has become the most powerful business that many people thrive to adapt to. Not only can you earn tens of thousands of dollars, but you can also become a successful business owner. You can’t imagine a successful ridesharing business without knowing about Uber. If you have wished to learn to make an app like Uber, this guide is for you!

So how do I get started with the development of my Uber-like app?

Such projects involve the presence of three parts of an online application for: clients, executors and intermediaries.

  • Clients are passengers looking through the app for drivers who can help them move from one place to another. Users want to see not just the trivial performance of services, but comprehensive information about the service, route, and its cost even before the trip start. They can get all this using a mobile application.
  • The executors are taxi drivers. These can be independent drivers or taxi service workers. Mobile solutions help to find orders all over the cities and make work more organized.
  • Intermediaries are companies, their employees, as well as individuals who control communications between clients and performers. Thanks to the admin panel, firms are able to track the quality of work throughout the city or town. In other words, taxi projects coordinate the business process, establish contact between three parties.

What features will be implemented in the application?

  • Geolocation and real-time tracking: The application independently determines the address where the passenger and the taxi driver are with the use of GPS.
  • Build routes: Build optimal routes, save popular ones in your profile.
  • Fixed payment: Both the driver and the passenger get to know the cost of the trip before it starts.
  • Push notifications: Instant messaging to automate workflow.
  • An online search for supply and demand: Online display of current orders for drivers. The nearest available cars on the map for passengers.
  • Integrated payment methods: Taxi booking apps encourage cashless transactions to make it convenient for the users. Application, debit card, credit card, stripe integration, etc. Your app should be integrated perfectly with secure online payment options. The payment system must comply with PCI standards, such as Braintree or Stripe. This feature is mainly for the rider’s side application.
  • Drive Destination: This feature allows the driver to set locations to their favorites so that the rider can easily trace them there to book a trip. This feature is much important but adding it would definitely get your app a good position in the market.

What other functionalities and features to add to an app like Uber?

The following features can be added to the basic functionality:


Users will be able to write general impressions, wishes, express dissatisfaction. Such messages are sent to the mail, and not to the App Store or Google Play, so there is a chance to quickly correct inaccuracies without losing the rating of the project in online stores.

Push notifications

Instant alerts speed up the workflow, automate it, and make it seamless and more convenient. To keep your customers acknowledged and updated with your cutting-edge offers or discount packages, Uber uses push notifications tools. Your app has such tools to make it convenient for the users.

Taxi app assessment

If all aspects of the transport business are satisfied, a 5-point assessment of the project will positively affect its progress.

What are the key aspects of creating taxi apps?

Speaking about the structure of such applications, one should pay attention to two important aspects:

  • Most mobile projects of this type include complex functionality. For the application to work properly, to withstand network loads well, the client-server architecture is required, which increases the price of the product.
  • The experts can create a simplified version inexpensively by excluding the administrative part from the system. In this case, the product will establish communication between passengers and drivers directly, without intermediaries.

How much a Taxi booking app would cost?

Depending on the features and designs of the app, the price for such an app varies. Try to research some application development agencies in advance. Hiring an agency or an individual is worth considering as this task requires a professional approach. The average price to create a mobile app like Uber with all the essential features included is estimated somewhere from $70,000 – $120,000.

Why hire professionals to make an app like Uber?

Mobile application development is a time-consuming and complex task – one cannot do without complete knowledge and expertise. If you wish to create taxi booking app like Uber, it would be the wisest decision to count on professionals. Such experts have a high command of coding, UX/UI designing, and other technicalities that a common person doesn’t know. Expert app developers know how to keep the interface of the app simple and clear. Another important reason to hire professionals to make your app is that they know how to make your app attractive and they completely understand the audience.


Developing a taxi app like Uber is a time-consuming process and requires a lot of energy, time, and money. For start-ups and small and medium enterprises, developing this advanced application can be a bit expensive. That’s why this blog post describes all the parts and features of this application, as well as the price required to develop such an application. Therefore, business owners can choose and customize the application structure according to their needs and budget. Then contact the app developer, update the app with more advanced features, and promote your current business through a well-designed marketing campaign.



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