How to Make the Working Day Go Faster

We all have them:  the days that just drag on and on, where other days just seem to fly by. There are various ways to speed up the day, though – read on to find out the secret to a faster working day.

Do stuff
Being productive and actively involved in your job is a sure fire way of passing the time more quickly. It helps if you have a job that you enjoy, and that stimulates you, but even in the worst jobs there tends to be something that’s more enjoyable than the rest of it. Try to focus on the part that is best about what you have to do.

Stay positive
Life, both at work and at home, throws problems at everyone. Dwelling on the problems, especially when you’re stuck at work not able to do anything about them, is going to make time drag. By letting go of the problems that you can’t solve right now, you can feel happier about what you can actually do right now.

Get active
Increasing your heart rate will make you feel more alert and awake, and help you stay on top of the world. Try getting a little more active. There are exercises that can be done in office seats, although in open plan offices you may look a little weird doing them. But try walking briskly to get tea, or to the toilet. 

In the recently concluded nnpc recruitment, we discovered that going for a walk at lunchtime provides more of a break from than just sitting at your desk or in a cafeteria with a dried up sandwich. It provides a complete break from the workplace and you can return feeling virtuous about having exercised as well having escaped from behind the desk for a while. If you work on a business or science park, you might even be able to get involved in a sports club at lunchtime – as available at Harwell Oxford, for example.

Break the day up into manageable pieces
An eight hour working day can feel like it lasts forever. Two hours is a much more achievable goal. Experts in how our brains work say that 30 minutes is optimum. Aim to get a certain task, or a certain number of things done, within your chunk of time and reward yourself with a break or treat when you do.

Avoid clock watching

On the other hand don’t spend your time counting down the minutes. By focusing strongly on how many minutes have passed and how many are still left, you’ll be so much more aware of the time crawling by. Distract yourself from the clock in any way you can. 

Talk to people
Talk to customers, talk to co-workers, make phone calls, and spend some of that time just talking, not necessarily work focused. Customers like to be talked to; your co-workers will probably be as bored as you and enjoy the chat also. In the end, you will enjoy to provide great customer services.

Have something to look forward to
Knowing that there is something – a trip, a meal or just a TV programme – coming up in your life will give you something to focus on that isn’t work. If you haven’t already got something planned in the near future then start planning. Is it time for a shopping trip, or to see a film, or for a night out with friends?

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