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How to Spy on Android Phone Calls & Surround Voices

So you have been feeling lately that your son or daughter has been harboring bad friendships. That they have been acting secretive and they try not to attend or make calls in your presence. Have their grades been falling, making you fall sick imagining them bunking their lessons?

Or are you a businessman who wants to grab a piece of what your employees talk about, behind your back? Do you feel that they are not sincere to their jobs and bad mouth about the company to others? As a manager, do you doubt that your men, out on the road, fall slack in strictly adhering to their planned routes and waste time on non-work-related activities?

Do you doubt that your partner or spouse has been behaving a little weird lately, finding excuses to come home late, and leaving town for so-called business meetings? Do you often find him/her attending calls outside the house or anywhere that you may not be present? Or have they shown some behavioral changes that may be attributed to a change in the company at the office or school?

All these situations call for some degree of investigation. But is it possible to be with you near and dear ones at all times? Especially in this fast-paced life where we churn ourselves all day out and still feel there’s still more to do at the end of the day.

Well, there are brains out there who have been manufacturing different kinds of spyware, but none as sophisticated and comprehensive as the cell phone monitoring software. Although, there are some basic functions on which nearly all spy apps agree, only a handful of companies work on more sophisticated features like ambient recording and live call interception. TheOneSpy is one of them.

So if your spouse is an Android lover or your child carries an Android tablet, TheOneSpy can help you spy on their phone calls and surround sounds. Install the software on the Android phone or tablet and get instant feedback on the dialed, received, and missed calls on the target device. Moreover, you can activate the microphone on the smartphone from your web account and listen to the sounds surrounding the cell phone. The sounds could be emanating from the objects or people surrounding the subject or coming from the subject him/herself. Now whether it is your son gossiping with his friends or your husband talking to someone on his phone, the conversation is within your reach.

If you are a bit confused as to how these features work on the application, this is how it works; On purchasing a license for TheOneSpy, you will be provided with a set of credentials by the company e-mail. You need that username and password to access your online account, from the target device. On reaching the company’s server, the application will automatically start to download on the Android smartphone or tablet that you wish to monitor. Follow the simple instructions to install the application and let it hide in the background. Now you are all set to start spying.

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Choose any running system with a working internet connection. It could be a laptop, desktop, tablet, or even your own personal cell phone. Access TheOneSpy company’s website using the same credentials that you used to download the application, in the first place. Doing so will land you on your personal control panel from where you can easily view the communication and content logs, extracted from the target device. In the user menu, you will see the options for call logs and bugging.

Clicking on the Call logs will land you on another page enlisting the calls made to and fro the phone, name, and number of each sender and receiver as well as the time, date, and duration of each call. It will give you a comprehensive summary of the call activity, happening on the targeted phone.

If you want to listen to surround sounds, choose the option for Bugging. It, in turn, will give you two more options to choose from: Cam bug and Mic bug. Clicking on the mic bug will activate the microphone on the smartphone by sending a secret message from the control panel. You have to determine the desired slot of time for which you need to bug the phone. Doing so will record the ambient sounds and transfer them to the TheOneSpy user dashboard/control panel. From there, you can listen to the recorded audio clippings, at ease.

However. If the case is an urgent one and you need to track the target immediately, you can instead go for the Spy call feature. For this, you need to go into the Settings available at the bottom of the Menu list. In the Settings, you will see a separate enclosure for the Spy Call Bug. You just have to enter the phone number that you need to listen to and you can instantly start intercepting their live calls and background voices. Note that the bugging and live call spying is only available on the Xtream package only.

With TheOneSpy, guessing games will finally be over. With a constant, virtual watch over their conversations and surroundings, you can put your doubts to rest and be sure that your loved ones are safe and your employees are not plotting against you or the company. And there’s still more to do than just this; if your phone is robbed or stolen, listening to surround sounds and the phone calls conducted from the smartphone can give you very close clues and help you catch the thief, by the neck.

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