How Virtual Reality Would Impact the Meetings

How Virtual Reality Would Impact the Meetings

Since its advent into the business world, VR technology is witnessing tremendous growth. The fast-track growth of VR is expected to cross beyond $400 million by 2018. Though the technology has failed to create a tremendous buzz among the general public, it is becoming much popular in the business arena. And the chances of making it to your personal space are also getting brighter day by day. Some of the big companies are making moves like Facebook acquiring Oculus Rift and Samsung producing Gear VR.

The application of virtual reality in business events is proving a great addition to the audiovisual fleet. Not only VR is a great tool for video conferencing and collaboration but it is also a great way to transform or increase audience interaction during meetings. Here we are sharing some ways virtual reality is expected to transform business events and meetings in particular.

Bridging the gap between co-workers:

When your offices are located in different locations and want to meet often, online video conferencing is a great solution. But think of it when you can see your co-workers in the same room despite being at a great distance. Yes! This is possible with Virtual reality. Also, if you are a remote worker but want to connect with office managers, just pick up the VR headset and you are in the meeting room. Virtual reality hire services make this even more interesting and easy with the plethora of offers and cheap prices.

Leverage the hologram:

You may have seen holograms working at airports to greet passengers. Or you may have found yourself explained stuff by the wholesaler. Or more interestingly you may have encountered a receptionist who is not actually there but entertaining you with the help of hologram technology. Seeing all these great applications of virtual reality in the form of a hologram, it can be easily concluded that the advent of VR into the business world will have a great impact.

So, it is evident that we will see people from remote locations interact with people in a certain place despite being absent.

VR could transform product demonstration experiences:

Product demonstrations are a crucial part of most meetings. Especially in the board meetings where you want to present a new idea, VR can get extra traction. With the help of virtual reality organizations and employees could better explain the idea or product. Many business event organizers have already started to embrace VR technology into product demonstrations at different kinds of gatherings such as trade show, conference, seminars and last but not the least business meetings.

Virtual reality can generate better leads:

The most important factor for success in any meeting is the lead or sale that you generate. Virtual reality has been tested to perform great in capturing leads. Because of the immersive experience that your audience will get, it is most likely that this experience will be shared among different circles and will remain in memory for a long period of time. It can skyrocket business impression and create a buzz that would foster lead generation process and would make companies able to fast track success.

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