iLovePDF: Top 5 features you should know

The Portable Document Format (PDF) is an amazing thing that helps to keep our important files and documents together in one place. It comes with various formats to view or exchange files and documents reliably and securely. With the iLovePDF online app, one can get a more convenient experience of organizing documents and files. It helps to manage a single file or bulk of documents alongside offering toolkit to merge, split, compress and watermark a document. Additionally, it is a free app with security features and can be unlocked in seconds. With a number of tools that can be used to edit the documents, it also allows fixed format document viewing with any cross-platform possibilities.

Here are a number of iLovePDF features highlighted by Saasworthy with the help of which you can manipulate an existing file or documents into a PDF file:

Merge PDF: This feature helps to merge PDF files as well as split large documents by range or page. The best part of this feature is its compatibility with all types of a PDF document and the maintenance of the originality of the files. It also allows unlimited files to be merged and all in all, it is one of the most secured tools a user can depend on to merge any PDF files of documents.

Split PDF: It allows a user to separate a file or a set of PDF documents by a number of ranges such defined as a basic split and advanced split. The basic split uses multiple pages range to split your files. On the other hand, an advanced split feature uses split via fix range, which lets you separate a PDF in N number of pages. Another advance split feature is removing pages, which helps collect a set of pages to be removed from a document. Next comes the merge after a split, which sets a specific document with all the singles files together. The Split PDF includes two-click separation that easily divides a PDF into an individual page, which leads to a new more organized document. Just like the merge tool, it is also compatible with all the PDF files and can be used extensively without any limits.

Compress PDF: In order to reduce the size of a PDF file, Compress PDF can be applied. It reduces the size of the files without changing the originality or any other property of the same. This feature comes with basic compress and advances compress option. In the basic compress, one can add as many files as required and then choose the compress tool, which will process the files. For the advance compress, there are three levels of compressions including low compression that gains Kb with no loss in quality, recommended compress that gives a good blend of compress and quality standards and high compress level, which can be used for the files where there are no images or pictures.

Office to PDF: This feature will help you to convert Office documents to PDF files. Unlike other features, it does not all the formats but is compatible with DOC, DOCX, PPTX, PPT, XLS, XLSX, ODP, ODT, ODS. There is no advanced file converter in this feature hence one can follow the basic steps of converting a file or document into PDF. Any file that is uploaded will be converted to a PDF simply with the application of this tool in order to process. Finally, the Merge all images in a single PDF lets you convert an image in one PDF file.

Images to PDF: It is one of the important features that can convert your picture or image into PDF files easily. For the supported formats, it includes JPG, PNG and TIFF image. It supports basic conversion and advances the conversion of an image file into a PDF document. While the basic conversion follows the old process, the advance version selects any of the four rotations orientation to choose from that has setRotation 0, 90, 180 and 270. With the help of the setOrientation, one can change the final PDF file from portrait to landscape and landscape to portrait. It also has a set page margin feature that will draw a margin between the PDF page and its image. Next comes the set page size option that can be selected from the allowed page sizes of A4, letter and fit.

With iLovePDF, one can get all the features for free that will definitely enhance your experience with the file settings, editing, and conversion. Apart from that, it also helps to organize files based on the requirements, which lets users manage it more conveniently. Of course, it is easy And effortless to use.

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