IPhone Can’t Connect to the App Store: Here’s how to Fix it

Are you facing problems downloading the app or can’t update an app? You might have experienced the problems right after updating the phone to a new software update. This is a common issue reported by the iPhone and iPad users. With every new release comes great features and new interface, unfortunately there some people reporting the issue of not being able to connect to the App Store. If you’re a victim of App Store connectivity failure we’re here to guide you through simple solutions to try. We advise you to follow these steps and step out of the App Store world issues:

Find if the App Store is down

App Store experiences a server issue after every now and then. Thus, the initial step is to check if the App Store is accessible or is it down for everyone. At times bugs and glitches stop the phone from getting connected and when this happens the App Store stops responding. A quick method to check Apple’s page to see a list of problems with all the online services. App Store is mentioned in the top list of problems where you can find the site’s update frequency in few minutes.

Check your internet connectivity

 When the App Store fails to load, the next thing you need to do is check your internet connection. In order to connect to the App Store, you need internet connectivity make sure your phone is connected to the Internet. Try connecting your phone to Wi-Fi network to get started, else you can use the data connection. Make sure to toggle on the App Store from the Mobile Cellular Data.

Check Mobile Data connection

Some people might not be familiar with how to activate App Store on cellular data. Double check to ensure mobile data on your iPhone is on for the App Store. Go to Settings> Mobile Data> App Store> Toggle on.

Another reason for App Store not getting connected can be lack of data. You might have run out of data and not know the reason behind the connectivity issue. It’s good to check your data available to have a smooth App Store experience.

App no longer supported

This might be a reason when the installation gets failed. There’s a chance that the app you’re trying to download is outdated or no longer supports iOS device. To make sure the App Store is working try downloading any other app to see what’s affecting the app download.

App too large to download over 3G

A major reason for app install failure is that iOS apps can’t be downloaded if they are too large. IOS doesn’t let you download apps through cellular data so make sure you check the size of the file first.

Sign out and sign in

Sometimes resetting the settings can help start things. The problem occurred during the loading time can be resolved by signing out and signing in the Apple ID. To do this, you need to go to Settings> iTunes & App Store> tap on your Apple ID and sign out. Log in again accordingly.

Clear your memory

This is a major issue that stops the app from installing and App Store to work. Clear out your phone with all the unnecessary app that is taking up space on your phone. Try deleting the apps to create more RAM space and the app will get installed easily.

Force refresh App Store

Try to refresh App Store to make it perform well. This can be done by tapping ten times on the App Store navigation bar in the bottom corner. After the App Store gets refreshed it helps the apps get installed easily and it works well.

Reset your network

Try to reset your network setting. You can do this by going to Settings> General> Reset> Reset Network Setting and check if it’s working well.

Contact Apple

Lastly, if the above-mentioned ways fail to work then you could contact Apple and seek their help.


These 10 ways are proven ways to get started with the App Store. A tip to remember is to install the updated version of iOS and see you’ll get connected easily.

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