iPhone, 7 Revitalizing the Smartphone Industry

Keeping all the critics and love aside, we just cannot argue on that how Steve Jobs introduced the first iPhone a decade ago and the smartphone industry took a swift turn going one step further towards high-end tech devices. After the first iPhone, a stage was set for other tech firms such as Samsung, Blackberry, HTC and much more to display one of the world’s iconic handheld ever developed and launched.

Companies who never focused on upgrading and bringing in more technology such as Nokia lost it somewhere in the middle and kept on failing day by day. The introduction of iPhone was something big, as the competitors who were already ruling the market didn’t get a chance to survive. Furthermore, after iPhone, a mobile was not only used for calling or texting purpose but now we see small computers on our palms working with just a slide of a finger.

The current status

Apple is surely the early adopters of technology and surely laid a foundation for other platforms to come up with different exciting technologies. Over a span of 10 years the company now has over 700 million users and are battling up with only one competitor, which is Samsung, another early tech adopter bringing in the services of Android.

The facts are fascinating and we just can’t take away any credits from Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple. The story itself of Steve Jobs is mind wobbling, as he portrayed the world of technology and gave what he promised. Apple is now listed as among the top international brands of the world with having a very high worth of its name only because of its software and handhelds.

Upgrading the music industry

With such high tech and upgraded smartphones, every industry is getting the desired results. The music industry is one of those affected industries. There was a time when music players and mobile phones were two different gadgets. Remember the time of having a Nokia and a Walkman? But that is not the case anymore. With the launch of the first iPhone, both the music player and a mobile phone got unified.


At that time there were few online sources which provided digital albums and songs but with the passage of time, things changed. The illegal downloading of music files and movies was more than a crisis for both the movie and the music industry but since iTunes came the fate of the industry changed.

Introducing touchscreen

Apple is the first company to initiate touchscreens into their smartphones. This is probably one of the major reason why Nokia and other brands were unable to capitalize on the innovation that Apple brought in. However, it is Samsung now who have the title of developing the best-LED screen but we just cannot argue on the list of early adopters. Initiating touchscreen was a very classic move which was later adopted by the whole smartphone industry.

In today’s era, we just can’t imagine any smartphone without a touchscreen or several other options which is mandatory for a smartphone company to feature.

Giving birth to the gaming industry

iPhone is listed among those few high graphics and tech-oriented mobile phones and has surely regarded as the father of mobile gaming industry. iPhone allowed different app developers to design and develop unique mobile gaming experience allowing different gamers from the world to shift more towards mobile gaming from console gaming.

Giving life to mobile app industry

iPhone has also given life to another trending industry of the modern era which is mobile applications. A constant change brought by Apple has changed the dynamics of the app industry and has led the mobile applications to groom and buzz.

Mobile applications have led the business world to ensure productivity, creativity, and innovation all at the same time allowing individuals and business professionals to work more efficiently and effectively. Modern day technologies such as AR and VR has put in immense effort to uplift the mobile gaming standards.

Exposing the world towards tech sensors

Apple is also that company who has exposed the world more towards the sensor. Initially, the sensor was not used as one of the most effective tools to develop a smartphone but when iPhone came in, the dynamics of the smartphone and the tech industry changed and now sensors have become an integral part of the development of a smartphone, especially for iPhone.

A sensor is utilized to produce an eye-catching and unique user experience allowing the smartphone company to innovate the functionality. A sensor is used to operate on different functionality such as touch screens and locations.

The modern internet

Previously, the internet was restricted to desktops and laptops only but things changed when iPhone came in. Now, the internet is used by the people usually on their smartphones allowing much more convenience. This has led the internet industry to grow a lot as the usage has increased with the passage of time. Modern day smartphones such as iPhones have increased the usage of social media apps like Facebook which has also increased the use of internet over the passage of time.

Conquering the Japanese market

iPhone was the first company to make their way up to the Japanese markets as it was believed that Japanese only purchase handhelds designed and developed by Japanese companies only. iPhone surely broke the trend and covered almost 72% of the Japanese market.


Apple has been producing one of the world’s iconic devices for sure however, the competition is increasing day by day as Samsung has also been initiating innovation and creativity. Companies such as Huawei, HTC and One Plus are also climbing the ladder and Nokia has also entered with a bang. It will be interesting to see how all these companies will use their innovations and technological powers in future.

Author Bio: Shane Dorothy, an accomplished iPhone app developer is one of the highly recognized iPhone app developer working with the top of the line iPhone app development and tech firms. Shane has been serving the industry since 2011 and has been a part of the development of major iPhone mobile apps.

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