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Finest iPhone Spy App for Non-Jailbreak Devices

Whether you are a parent, cynical employer or loving partner, you might be looking for the tools and tactics to spy on the mobile phone of your concerned individuals. The mobile phone activities and the data stored on these electronic devices can reveal important information about the user such as their routines, appointments, contacts, and conversations. However, you need to know the password to unlock the cell phone of your target and access the phone data. But what if you do not know the password to sneak into the phone of your kids or workers?

Luckily, there are monitoring and tracking apps available on app stores and websites to track the mobile phones of someone else without knowing their passcodes. These apps are intended for parents and employers to track the iPhones of their kids, workers, and significant others. Once you get your target’s mobile phone device installed with the cell phone tracking app, you can get remote access to the entire data stored on that device. For example, you can read the messages of your kids and listen to the phone calls of your workers without taking their phones into possession. The non-jailbreak iPhone spy solution automatically accesses the phone data and uploads to an online account from where the end-user of the iPhone spy app can view that data.

It is pertinent to mention here that most of the iPhone monitoring apps support both jailbreak and without jailbreak iPhone devices. You need to jailbreak the phone of your kids and workers to install the iPhone cell phone spy software.

What is iOS Jailbreaking?

Many users of iPhones, iPad, and iPod look into ‘Jailbreaking’ their iOS-based devices. Jailbreak means bypassing the software restrictions of Apple to download and install applications, extensions, and themes from sources other than the Apple App Store.

Cons of Jailbreak

Apple considers iOS Jailbreaking a violation of warranty. It means if something goes wrong during the jailbreak process, the company is not liable for fixing that issue. Also, jailbreaking makes your device an easy target for malware and unscreened apps. Though it grants you full control of your device, it removes the security protections imposed by Apple.

Spy App for Non-Jailbreak iPhones

If you do not want to jailbreak the target device and really want to track the cell phone activities of your children, spouse, and workforce, there is an option for you. TheOneSpy offers a non-jailbreak iPhone monitoring solution to track the iOS-based devices for child monitoring and employee monitoring. You can get your target’s iPhone installed with spy Software without iOS jailbreaking. However, you would have to compromise on the features of the tracking app. There are limited features offered for non-jailbreak devices. Read on to know how you can track the iPhone of your kids, and workforce using the non-jailbreak spy solution.

Features of iPhone Spy App for Non-Jailbreak Phones

The iPhone tracking software offers a variety of non-jailbreak features, of which we enlisted here the main features.

Track Internet History

Whether you are an employer or parent, supervising the internet use of teens and employees is of crucial importance. The iPhone spy app updates you if your children are exposing to objectionable websites or your workers are surfing the internet for unproductive purposes. It accesses the web browsing history of the targeted iPhone and shows the URL of websites, time and frequency of visiting websites and searching for information on the Safari browser.

Monitor Bookmarks

Bookmarks provide quick access to your required websites, apps and services. The iPhone spy app tracks the bookmarks of the targeted device to update parents and employers about the bookmarked web pages on the Safari browser.

Monitor SMS, IMessages & IM’s

The iPhone spy software lets you read the messages of your children, and work without getting their phones. It syncs all SMS and instant messages sent and received via default messaging apps and instant messaging apps such as WhatsApp Messenger and Kik Messenger. The end-user of the non-jailbreak iOS monitoring solution app can also get the contact detail of the message sending and receiving individuals and groups.

Track Call Logs

While employers can track the phone calls of their customer care, marketing, and sales staff, parents can track the phone calls of their kids to find out with whom they are frequently in contact with. The non-jailbreak iPhone monitoring app accesses the call logs of the target device and shows the call time, call duration, name and contact number of the callers and recipients as well as their location.

Track Contact List

You must be acquainted with the contacts of your children and workforce to make sure they are not in contact with scoundrels or rivals. The spy Software shows you the contact list of the target phone along with the first name, last name, phone number and email address of the contacts.

Track Voicemails

The non-jailbreak iPhone monitoring solution enables parents and employers to track voicemails of their children and workers. You can find out who is the sender or receiver of the voice messages received and transmitted from the targeted phone.

Monitor Apps

The iPhone mobile monitoring app lets you monitor the applications installed on the mobile phones of your kids. You can find out the objectionable and age-inappropriate apps installed and used by your teens. The non-jailbreak iPhone monitoring solution lets you find the apps installed on the iPhones of your kids seeking access to the camera and photos.

Events & Alarms

The calendar events and alarms set on the monitored iPhone can be tracked with the non-jailbreak spy app to keep tabs on the target’s activities and interests.

How to get iPhone Spy App for Non-Jailbreak Phones

You can start tracking a non-jailbreak iPhone device following the three simple steps.

  • First, purchase the iPhone spy solution going to the website of TheOneSpy. After software purchase, you will be provided with the activation code to run the software on the target device.
  • Download and install the software on the target iPhone following the user-friendly app installation process.
  • After successful installation, you can start monitoring the targeted iPhone data through the online account of the spy app.

I hope you would find this article helpful in picking up the finest iPhone spy for non-jailbreak devices. You can visit the official webpage of TheOneSpy to know more about the spy software.



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