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Know 2020 best Digital Marketing Trends

Digital marketing keeps changing everyday and every time you can experience innovative practices and strategic techniques implementing often. It is not that we are abandoning the old practices of methods but it is essential that we adopt new practices as well in order to create more trends and more traffic. The research says that the internet population has grown to 58.8 % and the digital world is dominating the sectors across the world. We have to get to understand the digital marketing trends which are going to create huge impact in the forthcoming year

Top 10 Digital Marketing trends in 2020

  1. Augmented reality

The common trend across the internet world is visual search and it is enhancing across various options. Google lens, Bing searches and many more applications are available in order to occupy the major part of visual and augmented reality in 2020. This is definitely encouraging sectors to elevate the sites of e-commerce and consumer brands.

2.  Online portals

Everyone is preparing the convenient option of interacting online and even shopping takes place the same. It has been commercially used by every walk of people because they are insured about getting any kinds of branch that look into the online portal. To kick start this business in a successful way social media platform is also used in order to promote the business and create brand awareness in a wider expansion manner. Online marketing has occupied an important role in social media business and the platform is used to discover people’s interest ideas and expectation to get their needs. Any shopping experience they would like to make on the first day singing Facebook, Instagram and get the opinion from the platforms available. This ensures that an E-Commerce sale with the help of social media is going to get optimized.

3.  Personalized conversations

Personalized conversations and chatting personally is the basic understanding of social media impact. You have Facebook messenger, we chat telegram, and WhatsApp creating privacy and secure conversations between the consumers and the business owners. This also indicates in directly to approach the audience at every possible solution to be more meaningful.

4.  Effective content production

Description plays a key role in determining the success of the product. If you are able to deliver what you are trying to say to the audience through your contents your business gets on it. Nowadays people look for the description before they purchase blindly from the online portal. FAQ, quizzes, audience polls and many more interactive platforms are available in the social media to make them engaged and directly you are penetrating into the mines about your brand perception. This is the reason why people prefer social media as a digital option.

5.  Marketing tactics transformation

Everyone is very much assured about on trend regarding anything they use in their daily life. If you feel successful in the marketing option then you have to list the best options and the practices with the usage of techniques and Technology. The companies have adopted this practice to succeed in their business to make their business as a whole sum and to align their goals and objectives to successfully propaganda their profit. Marketing transformation is what everyone looks up to the digital platform which is going to create an ultimate revenue for their business. Collect data, implement modern options, Network and enhance customer relationship through customers’ engagement, publish articles of quality oriented and right to create more online presence related to your business. If these strategies are handled carefully then it is obvious to use search engine optimization, email marketing advertising and other marketing techniques you are privileged to use in the digital option.

6.  Automation with artificial intelligence

Healthcare industry information Technology manufacturing sectors are witnessing the experience of robotic works and it is going to be the world in the future. Disturb heard all these in the fiction movies but we are experiencing reality in the contemporary world itself. If today is witnessing this kind of experience imagine down the line we are completely based on artificial intelligence. Advancement in the area is picking up very fast and increasing business Technology is preparing this AI powered mode. Voice search, smart assistance chatbots are more popping up in the field of digital technology and it is an option to create customer experience. Big data is what the back stone of artificial intelligence which helps people to learn more and also identify their expectations.

7.  Explore, segment and target

Precise and perfect targeting leads to a successful advertising option. You should not target everybody for your brand and if you are able to penetrate the right audience you have understood the marketing strategy. Marketing platforms need to be an intelligence option to accomplish all your dreams by attaining the user’s privacy. You can create more personalized and touching content advertisements which might be a direct and indirect hit to your business development.

8.  AdSense, ad campaigns and advertising marketing

These are the best bidding to make your conversion and completion of your profit accomplishment. Many smart companies take these kinds of strategies according to their but share and ensure they make return on investment. The number of leaves you get it to be probably converted as a profitable customer only then these advertisement platforms can be a successful bidding option.

9.  Go live

This is one of the effective tools to be used by every business person to make it as a touching point with the customer by going through life. Facebook and other social media platforms have created a huge section for the business to go interactive and create different kinds of life shows to make your brand even more reachable one. If you happen to deal with this live video then you can expand your further research in web development. Leverage your brand and create contents by going live video so that in 2020 you can adopt the best practice of digital marketing.

10.  Retain loyal customers

This is the major option to do because if you happened to create more loyal customers then you happened to encounter the new customers as well. We speak about augmented reality, virtual search, live video but you know something customers referrals are even more powerful than all the stores. Ultimately the customer delight is what you are going to provide and out of which you are going to experience the customer walk-ins and in words. Focus on building brand through customer retention and creating customer loyalty. If these kinds of opportunities are more in automatically your brand reputation touches their soul. Happy customers always make happy business.


It’s time to realize all trends that you come across the digital marketing area because we need to rightly identify what kind of marketing strategy can boost your business to a successful platform. Knowing the trend is important and it does not alone know you like to start implementing the right trend according to your business category. If you happen to create more website traffic then it means you are creating quality content and you are able to produce quality customers. If you are not sure about how to proceed with pursuing the right digital marketing course in chennai or get expert advice in this aspect.

Sulina Williams
Sulina is writing in the field of Technology from past 5 years. She is a geek in digital parenting hacks, social media analysis, and business marketing.


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