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What is YouTube, How does it work and How to make money on YouTube?

YouTube has turned the audiovisual media ecosystem upside down. Already, in the US, in prime time hours, among people between 18-49 years old, YouTube, only in mobile traffic, surpasses any television channel. The different content, the possibility of choosing a different type of content, being free, all these factors enables YouTube a medium with which traditional TV has it very difficult to compete.

Also, millennials and teens see it as part of their daily social experience. They watch videos, share videos, and engage with content in a way that they could never do when watching television. On the other hand, it is a very attractive and easy-to-consume channel; it surpasses “traditional” Internet channels, based on text, such as blogs.

What is YouTube exactly?

YouTube is no longer just an entertainment platform; it has become much more than that. Therefore, I will explain what it is and how it works from a consumer and a content author’s perspective. It could be said that YouTube is a kind of television on the Internet on-demand as a very quick definition. The term “television,” although it is not usually used with YouTube, is relevant due to its increasingly strong integration with “traditional” media through Smart TVs and external devices with Internet access that, connected to a traditional TV, allow you to enjoy YouTube as if it were just another TV channel.

Some key YouTube statistics

To understand the reach of YouTube, here are some key figures:

  • YouTube is the second largest website in the world (according to Alexa), only behind Google and ahead of Facebook.
  • The closest competitor in its niche ( Netflix ) is ranked 27th.
  • After Google, the YouTube search engine ranks the second most popular search engine, far ahead of Bing and Yahoo.
  • Among millennials, two-third prefer YouTube to television.

In fact, YouTube is often talked about as a social network even more than a video hosting site like disneyplus.com/begin and starplus.com login/begin.

On YouTube, users can interact; they can vote “I like” or “do not like,” they are able to share the

videos, leave their comments and subscribe to a channel.

How does YouTube work?

The operation of YouTube is really a simple task. YouTube is a simple cloud service. It is similar to Gmail that permits you to build an account with your YouTube channel. Once your account is created, you are allowed to upload any modern format videos. You can set your video’s privacy as public or private. Group them by sections and playlists. Everyone can achieve a surprising result with some skill and a few tricks even with a simple device like an iPhone or a high-end Android mobile. Besides that, editing software such as iMovie for Mac, Movie Maker for Windows, and FlexClip online video editor for all systems are your free options.

How to get views on YouTube?

It is pretty clear that YouTube will not contribute much if you do not get many views. Is it very hard for a newly created channel? Well, it is not so hard if you know the essential tips. The keyword here is SEO, something that few people do and this is a huge opportunity for you!

How to make money on YouTube?

It is challenging for you to win it in the easiest and most direct way. AdSense is an online advertising platform built into YouTube. If you fit all the requirements, you can get them up and running in a few minutes. However, there are many more ways to make money on YouTube than AdSense. If you want to know the other methods and also the requirements to be able to use AdSense, take a look here:

Many YouTubers make money on YouTube with ads. But that’s just one of the formulas, and one of the worst. Learn about better alternatives here. Some people earn thousands of dollars just from ads, although you have to reach a tremendous visit for this.

Therefore, for the “normal” user of YouTube, this will hardly be the goose that lays the golden eggs. It will be much more profitable to seek income indirectly: by using YouTube as a marketing and promotional platform to boost the sale of your products and services. YouTube also turns out to be a very effective way. Just make an explainer video to show people how your product is or a tutorial video educates people on how to use your service.

Another indirect way to generate income is to use YouTube for your brand. A few videos in which you give a good presentation on a topic you master are an excellent business card and a way to boost your personal brand and be a very effective way to reach new clients or be invited to events as a speaker. It will be there where you finally monetize your work done on YouTube.


We are now undergoing one of the most complicated economic situations. It is also a time for “normal” people like you to get started. Thanks to the Internet and new 2.0 inventions like YouTube, your chances of professional success have to do more with your talent and merits and less with your godparents. Cheer up. You’re in a good or bad situation, give it a try.

Sulina Williams
Sulina is writing in the field of Technology from past 5 years. She is a geek in digital parenting hacks, social media analysis, and business marketing.


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