Marketer’s Guide To SEO’s 2019 Trends

One more month and 2018 is over. As a marketer, it means it is time to learn SEO’s upcoming trends and prepare action plans to dominate the world of digital marketing again. It is especially true that Google’s algorithm is constantly changing and targeting several aspects to consider if a page is worthy to rank. And these factors are apparently more revolutionary than ever as it further embraces the power of artificial intelligence.

Predicted 2019 SEO Trends

Marketing experts have predicted a few important SEO in PERTH trends that will continue to thrive next year. Here are some:

Webpage’s Speed

The desktop loading time has been one of the essential aspects for Google to tell if a page is worthy to rank high. And until now, the popular search engine algorithm has not changed. It further enhanced its system instead.

After Google’s announcement of mobile-first indexing last March, mobile-friendliness has become a buzz among marketers and entrepreneurs. Until Google finally started to add the mobile page’s loading time as a crucial factor to rank high last July. Now, both desktop and mobile are graded for two metrics: speed and optimization.

Mobile-Friendly Sites

User experience continues to be the most crucial factor in SEO. For that reason, mobile-friendliness has been a favourite topic among online marketers and business analysts, Since Google’s announcement of mobile-first indexing. And once the migration of sites to mobile-first index is complete, it will continue, and perhaps, will be one of the top three aspects to rank high.

That being said, optimising a website is not simple. Here are a few things how to do it:

  • Keep an eye on a site’s page using PageSpeed Insights.
  • Check how Google’s algorithm analyses a page’s mobile-friendliness using WebSite Auditor.
  • To see if the page offers excellent user experience, regularly use WebSite Auditor and other website auditing tools to know the site’s overall mobile performance.

Brand Awareness

The brand and massive online presence are also about to take over SEO ranking factors.  According to Google Webmaster Trend Analyst Gary Illyes, Google’s system is also using the business’s online presence as a way to tell if a page is worth ranking. However, there are two ways to use it as a ranking indication: through unlinked mentions and components’ sentiments and context.

Unlinked mentions signal Google that a brand is an entity, meaning they have a massive presence within the world wide web. On the one hand, if a brand has a high score in components sentiments and context, it means that the site has a good reputation. The meaning of opinion regarding a brand mention can significantly affect the webpage’s ranking as well.

Other Trends:

  1. Blockchain. Concerning technical alterations, marketing experts suggest that blockchain can significantly affect how SEO and websites are going to interact and correlate with each other.
  2. Voice Search. One-third of SEO experts suggest that voice search will be the number one SEO trend this coming 2019.
  3. Amazon Search Optimisation. A study revealed that 56% of buyers visit Amazon first before deciding which product to purchase. In short, Amazon is becoming the Google of e-commerce.

New SEO Trends are Coming

Now that 2019 is coming, the latest marketing tactics will inevitably rise. And either there are few or massive changes, in the end, these alterations in Google’s algorithm will significantly affect every entrepreneur’s business. Thus, marketers and SEO specialists must watch out and become aware of fresh and innovative ideas concerning Search Engine Optimisation and other digital marketing techniques.

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