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The meanness of social media – Is the social apps making us unsocial in real life?

What is Social Media?

Social Media is a computer network mediated interactive sharing and propagation of information in virtually every form of expression, knowledge, and insights that have turned the world into a global village.  People especially the young ones are very heavy users of this medium of communication mostly depending upon their mobile phones.

The social media takes leverage of virtual social communities and the underlying computer network technologies that form the backbone of the Internet allowing a host of companies to build their business models around these emerging opportunities. As it brings the world closer together performing accomplishments that were never deemed possible by mainstream channels of International communications in the past.

The Meanness of Social Media

The advantages of social media and its benefits are astounding, but it is also a bandwagon that almost every person can hop on. Social media has a very dark side too. It is grooming a legion of the millennial generation and the youth of other generations into problems that were non-existent a few years back. One of the significant issues that social media is incubating and breading is the lack of proper socialization among youth to share their emotions and feeling with appropriate physical gatherings.

The young and the old generations are getting sucked into mobile phones and forming relationships that are causing severe psychological problems. It is induced by their behavior of prolonged usage of social media over the Internet, or it may be caused by crime oriented exploiters that are perfect strangers. And, until they use illegalities over the Internet after making emotional connections to ultimately bully, troll or sexually groom children, to name just a few menaces that are plaguing the Internet these days. The problematic bullies, trolls, and stalkers pre-existed before the advent of social media but many unusual and despicable people. When they are behind the computer on the Internet, most of them think that they are invisible and they pull out the negative energy that exists inside them due to frustration and stress to damage the egos of the social media users.

People especially the ones belonging to young generations who are submerged for long hours of the day with their smartphones and other devices are killing their social life. As many psychologists warn that social media is not a proper alternative to an active social life that ensures emotional health. Perhaps the real severity of this social boycott is not entirely revealed yet, but the vibes that are originating from the social media utilization behavior look anything but great.

Every day headlines about the major social media networks like Facebook, Whatsapp, Viber, and others are published where a teenager or kid had been targeted with an emotional or sexual assault.

The Meanness of Social Media for the Youth

Young children and kids have very little emotions tolerance and unstable psychology with a very bleak understanding of sex. There are many perpetrators that lurk around social media sites looking for young children to emotionally and sexually target them for exploitation.

A growing list of crimes is taking place that has gained traction and had the attention of experts that relate to the law enforcement or child care and protection sectors have taken notice to protect this and future generations from devastating and ill effects of social media.

The parents and guardians of children are being educated and informed about many reformers about the atrocities of the channels of communication of in cyberspace that can destroy the lives of the young ones that require care and love.

It is imperative to understand that taking away devices or stripping the kids of any age from social media or the Internet is not the part of the solution to the problem; it is the part of the problem itself.

Deprivation of young kids from technology, something in which they excel, is not going to help anyone as these technological resources will be a mandatory demand as a skill in the future not only to thrive but even to survive the challenges that lie ahead.  It is true in not just in the growing Industries that are being built around the Internet technologies of the coming time, but there are a whole plethora of applicative benefits of social media.

The Solution to the Problem  

It is an intriguing situation in which you cannot isolate the kids from the Internet and the related devices.  At the same time, you also need to protect them. Fortunately, the proper takeaway solution does exist, and that is you put the same technology to protect the children that have become a threat. You can quickly set your kids under observation and surveillance and monitor them using a nifty but powerful software app called TheOneSpy. TheOneSpy is enriched with 250+ features all geared towards parental control and small subscription fee you can buy the protection that your kids need over the Internet.

TheOneSpy is designed to cope up with the threats that social media poses us and the coming generations. The ill effects of un-socialization can be mitigated to a very large extent if you look forward to using it and making sure that you and others in your life use social media with responsibility and safety.



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