Monitoring Application for Android Phones and MAC theonespy

Monitoring Application for Android Phones and MAC

I think there is no one who claims that I don’t own an android cell phone these days. On the other hand, there are plenty of peoples who really don’t know how to use the android smartphones technically, but have their own individual smartphone of Android OS in order to perform certain activities that they love to do on the cell phones. The contemporary smartphones are running with the number of operating systems that really change the usage of phones such as android works in a different way than the iPhone, and blackberries. Moreover, it may be less or a bit, in a similar fashion, computer machines such as MAC or one of the popular machines these days.

People who use these cell phones and computer devices do plenty of activities if connected to the internet. They get entertainment, visit social messaging apps and make calls on the phone. The legitimate reasons for using these gadgets and machines often force some people to do surveillance. So, the question pops up in the mind of this kind of peoples what sort of spying software they should spy on Android phones and MAC desktop devices.

Install TOS monitoring software

They just need to get the subscription for TheOneSpy cellphone and computer spy app. if you are looking to track the Android smartphone and MAC then you need to get the TOS surveillance spyware. You will get the ID and the passcode at the time when you subscribed to it by visiting the official website. Now install the android and computer tracking software on your target Android phone or MAC device.

Once you have completed the method of installation, and then activate it on the target android gadget or MAC laptop machine. You will get the option to track your target secretly and make the choice very according to your needs. Now use the ID and the password and get access to the Android and MAC spying software online dashboard.

Features for android monitoring software

Bug their phone

You can record and listen to the surround sounds and conversations occur on the target Android smartphone by using the MIC bug of the Android spyware. Further, you can make back to back short videos of the surround of Android by using the spycam bug. However, a user can make images by hacking the camera of the android with the camera bug app of android spying software.

IM’s social media

You can track all the social messaging activated on your target Android cell phone with the help of IM’s social media of TOS surveillance app for androids. You can view IM’s logs, chat conversations, messages, shared media files such as images and video content and listen to the voice messages.

TOS spy 360

If you want to record and listen to the surround voices and conversation on the android, you can use spy 360 live surround listening. Although a user can view live visuals of the surrounds, then use spy 360 live camera streaming by hacking the camera of the Android cell phone. Last but not least, you can live to view the activities happen on the Android by using the spy 360 live screen sharing.

Spy on calls

Use an android hidden call recorder and record and listen to the live calls on your target cell phone of Android OS. Further, you can save the recorded stuff into the TOS android control panel.

Features for MAC tracking app

Website blocking

Put the URLs of all the website and put into the filters, this activity will block the websites that you don’t want to allow the target MAC user to get access. Website blocking is a kind of filtering that lets a user block the website that has inappropriate content.


Use it to get access to the all the keystrokes applied on the target MAC laptop and get password keystrokes, messenger keystrokes, SMS and email keystrokes. Having that kind of stuff you can get access to the MAC desktop machine within no time.


Remotely capture the screenshots of all the activities happen on the MAC device screen and get to know the activities all the time.


TheOneSpy android & computer tracking spyware provide you the best solutions when it comes to tracking the activities on the gadgets and machines respectively.

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