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Nikon Coolpix A1000 Review

Nikon the only name in the market which always proves that the phone camera will be a minuscule camera and can’t beat the camera giant Nikon in many aspects. With a power of 30 times zooms, Nikon makes the perfect device to capture the distant objects accurately and clearly than ever captured.

The question arises then that this device comes under $500, with a brilliant zoom and ½.3-inch sensor and popular for its versatility is perfect for you in all facet or not. And for answers here is our full review on Nikon Coolpix A1000 review.


A1000 gives us verities of physical controls that are difficult to find on other cameras and paradoxical to find on smartphones. It has a hinge attachment for the touchscreen in it (also have a viewfinder) which goes down the camera. You can get great discount on electronic devices online using Paytm Mall Offers.

Finally, this time Nikon manages to give their users Viewfinders from A1000. Generally, it is difficult to find these on under $500 cameras. Size of 0.2 inches and 1.1-million-dot resolution it is good but not give you impressive feeling like Nikon Z 6 EVF’s.  But the feeling to operate A1000 is awesome.

Extremely accurate colors are observed in the pictures from A1000, but sometimes pictures are slightly warm. 4K @ 30fps, with optical stabilization. And for faster frame rates an alternative of full HD mode is available. Video quality is impressive but consists of noise in indoor low-light conditions.

A1000 auto focus totally stands on our expectation. Locks quickly on good lighting conditions but struggles a bit in indoor or limits light locations.

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Design and Build Quality

Designed perfectly for instant carrying, A1000 weighs just 331 grams or 11.7 ounces.  Height of 4.5 inches and a 1.6 inches depth not just makes it look like a cute device but also can perfectly fit in your jeans pockets. The overall build quality is great.

Nikon focuses on comfortability this time by providing the wider girth and a small grip. A small jut is required in front even when the camera is off for the lens. As mentioned earlier Nikon is providing good physical controls this time, introducing the control dial for shutter speed, aperture and the rest customary mode dial, zoom toggle and shutter releases. A new wheel aka secondary wheel is introduced on the top for shortcuts like a flash, exposure recompense, timer and macro mode.

The bottom area is given for the same reason, the battery and memory card slot. A1000 have Micro USB ports and HDMI for connectivity and the built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for fast and convenient wireless transferring.


The overall performance of A1000 was impressive and don’t have any big performance issues. With the A1000’s macro mode it gives the option for focusing as close as 0.4 inches from the nose of the lens.

Nikon increases its capabilities with A1000 by introducing the manual shooting and RAW files option which gives you the all over control as well as elasticity. Auto selections for normal mode lovers, Multiple exposures for the light environment and some decent things in A1000. Hats off to Nikon for giving 10fps burst mode in under $500 camera. The camera takes 10 plus seconds for writing your images into the memory chip, but you have the option to review the taken images or configure the controls in this time.

Autofocus faces sight difficult on smaller objects some time, but yes most of the time you will not use the zooming power so close. Manual focus of A1000 fully has the real potential for capturing the most perfect shots.

Talking about the battery life of A1000, yes, it is good but not extremely. 250 shots on a full battery. Wi-fi and Viewfinder drain the battery faster than normal, but you are not going to use them all day. Moreover if you are looking for IBM recruitment then it could be the best chance to try it

How’s the image quality? The main question when it comes to performance. And the answer is, “Remarkable”.  Surely it gives better images than any compact camera of nearby range or smartphones. You will love the burst mode while clicking sunsets to get pics free of motion blur. Images from A1000 are viable up to ISO 800, and perhaps ISO 1600 depending on your sufferance on noise. Despite the small sensors, the full 30x zoom can make a nice depth of field that couldn’t found on the existing cameras with small sensors.


Nikon Coolpix A1000 is available on Amazon for $477 and comes with a one-year warranty. We were expecting a lot from Nikon when we look on the price and spec list, and we got more than expected. The body design also provides perfect comfortability and zoom, which is not possible on smartphones offers outstanding flexibility. One of the cons is its small sensor due to which noise is appeared in low-light conditions. Our true opinion is that there are many competitors of A1000 like Sony HX99 or Panasonic ZS80, but they lack in either viewfinder or megapixels. If your requirement is a low-light performer you can find some better cameras but if your need is 30x zoom in this compact dimension in $477, then blindly go for Nikon Coolpix A1000.

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