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5 Important Points to Choose One – Nikon vs Sony DSLR Camera

The bout between Nikon DSLR camera and Canon camera seems to have entered the umpteenth round. But, the entry of another player in the ring such as Sony has made things exciting.

When Sony came up with its first full-frame mirrorless camera in 2013, it was considered as an underdog in the world of camera. As a result, it was not afraid to try new things.

Back in 2019, Sony is now the best-selling full-frame camera brand on the merits of its mirrorless system. It is something DSLR giants Canon and Nikon did not think could happen.

Once a small player, Sony can’t be ignored now. If you want to buy a camera and confused between Nikon and Sony, then this article may help you out. Read on!

Nikon vs Sony – Points that would help you choose one

  • Existing Camera Series

The mirrorless cameras of Sony are among the most loved these days. The A7 and A9 series offers a plethora of full-frame mirrorless camera that may suit photography enthusiast to working professional.

What’s more, Sony’s affordable A6000 series is designed around smaller APS-C sensors. But, they offer some of the high-end techs at an affordable price.

On the other hand, Nikon has been in the DSLR game for long, and some of its models look outdated. It has shifted focus to the mirrorless Z series, and Nikon DSLR camera series is still being developed.

The experience of Sony in mirrorless camera leaves it with having the edge over other players. Its battery life, dual SD card slots, and autofocus are of top-notch.  

  • Image Quality

Unless you are gifted, you won’t be able to tell if an image is clicked using a Nikon camera or a Sony camera. It is because models that come with similar features in a price point come with the same grades for offering the image quality.

There may be some minor differences here and there, but both Nikon DSLR camera and a Sony camera capture amazingly excellent images.

  • Performance

Nikon has been an old horse in the world of cameras, and its performance has a solid reputation. While Nikon DSLR cameras have been able to mesmerize its users with fantastic performance, Sony too is not far behind.

Sony is now making big strides to put its mirrorless series on the same ground with the DSLRs. Some of the models of Sony even edges pass Nikon DSLR cameras.

  • Design

The Sony cameras have a smaller handgrip, while the design of Nikon mirrorless camera inspires heavily from its own DSLR series with a large but handy grip. Deciding which a better design largely boils down to a user’s personal preference.

The best way to do that is by taking both cameras in your hand and then deciding which looks best. It is because a Sony camera or a Nikon DSLR camera may look great from the perspective of a reviewer, but may feel misfit and wrong to a user.

  • Lenses

In the beginning, mirrorless cameras lagged behind DSLRs in the choice of lens. Sony had plenty of time to grow its structure, and its popular lengths are easily available in E mount. On the other hand, Nikon begun as a lens organization and later added cameras – now the company has a solid solution for optics.

Both Nikon and Sony come out with new lenses every year.

You are now aware of some key differences in Nikon and Sony cameras to help you decide which one is best to buy a model from any of the brands today.

Both Nikon and Sony cameras come at a higher price point. Hence, buying anyone and paying its price at once may affect your budget. But, you can make the most of an easier buying alternative available in the market.

You can easily divide the cost of your Sony camera or Nikon DSLR camera over a tenor to pay only fixed EMIs and nothing else. As a result, you can save more compared to other payment options.



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