How to Stop Your ISP from Spying On You?

Meaning of ISP? The term Internet service provider (ISP) refers to an organization or a company that renders access to the Internet. These services can be rendered to both private and commercial customers. ISPs provide their customers with internet access, making it possible for them to surf the web, carry out business transactions, and connect […]

8 Best Torrent Websites You Should Know About!

The global pandemic has packed everyone at our homes. With no access to visit the outside world and enjoy our outdoor activities, we spent a lot of time watching our favorite content lying on our comfy couches at home. But how do we get access to our favorite movies, shows, games, software, etc. so quickly? […]

What is Cyberbullying and How to Protect Kids Online Privacy?

CYBERBULLYING Cyberbullying is a criminal offense of harassing individuals in the internet world. Cyber Bullying is mostly seen on social media platforms. At the moment, this offense is given a criminal status and is punishable. Governments enforce strict laws throughout the world against this crime. A special cell called “Cyber cell” is installed in countries […]

The solution to Addiction Problem with Android Apps

Addiction continues to hound millions of Americans today. The National Survey on Drug Use and Health revealed that there are more than 21 million people in the US who are addicted to drugs. However, not even 10% are receiving treatment. The main reason, of course, is denial. Most drug dependents won’t admit they have a […]

An escape room blueprint analyzed: Hidden mechanics and technology deciphered

Escape rooms are a unique form of recreation that is based on ‘escape-the-room’ video games. This time-based game usually lasts for 60 –minutes, and during that duration of time, the teams need to solve all the puzzles in the room. All the team players play the role of the protagonists of an interactive story in […]

Make Your Las Vegas Trip Unforgettable with Delta Airlines

I love music, dance, and everything that helps me relax myself. And I have heard a lot about Las Vegas and its vibrancy. So, it was always on my list. And two years back, I finally got a chance to visit this dynamic and exhilarating place with my gangs of boys. I was excessively excited […]

How To Write A Dissertation Methodology

Your dissertation’s methodology section seems instantly after the literature review section in the dissertation. By the point of writing your methodology, you must have to describe your research question and make a detailed analysis of what other scholars have to say about your topic. You also need to review how these students reach their conclusions […]

What is YouTube, How does it work and How to make money on YouTube?

YouTube has turned the audiovisual media ecosystem upside down. Already, in the US, in prime time hours, among people between 18-49 years old, YouTube, only in mobile traffic, surpasses any television channel. The different content, the possibility of choosing a different type of content, being free, all these factors enables YouTube a medium with which […]

Understand credit card cash withdrawal charges before you regret it

Unrestricted usage of credit cards and erratic repayment habits can easily push individuals into debt traps. It is, thus, extremely crucial to be cautious while using these cards and more importantly, while planning repayment of the credits utilized. With correct usage, this payment card can prove to be a reliable financial tool during emergencies, as […]

Importance of Clinic Software for Outpatient Clinics – 6 Exceptional Features

It has been observed that waiting hours in the clinic sometimes exceed due to doctor late arrival or any other reason. It is more common in the outpatient clinic. Doctors usually arrive late or they take time in calling patients. Due to an excessive number of patients, it is difficult to keep a record of […]

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