Parenting in the age of Technology

Parenting in the Age of Technology

Things are coming time-to-time and much has been made of technology. Technology has over the years one of the top and essential phenomenon in our human’s life no time ever before. The invention of smartphones –running with plenty of different operating systems such as Android, IOS, and blackberries have revolutionized the living standards of people of the world. Parents, tweens, teens, and adults are incorporating new digital technologies such as smartphones, iPads, tablets, and computer machines with different OS such as Android, IOS, and windows.

The family environment in the entire world has been changed since the last decade. People seem busy on screens of gadgets and devices and they don’t spend time having a healthy conversation. Therefore, adoption of the technology by the people of the world including young children has made parents’ live too hectic. The element of parenting demands too much time and care when it comes to doing effective parenting.

Has technology made parenting a tough job?

Over the years the advancement in technology and numerous amounts of inventions have made difficulties in parenting. Now young kids and teens owned their individual gadgets and devices and when connected to the internet things become more challenging for the parents. The traditional types of parenting never exist anymore.

Now parents not just to keep an eye on children at school and in the playgrounds, even keep an eye on their Social media. The social media platforms in the contemporary world are fascinating for the youth and they often spend a lot of time on the social messaging apps.  The excessive use of social networking apps on phones other devices putting the young generation into a real threat. There are the following vulnerabilities for children on social messaging apps.

Bullying Online

Online bullying is one of the common and dangerous things that ever happen to social media apps. Bullies have captured the digital world fully and they often make fun of the people that are not being able to respond to them back in the same fashion. Therefore, they choose to humiliate young teens and kids for fun and get entertained. But they don’t realize that type of thing may ruin someone’s life. So, parents have to keep an eye on teens’ and kids’ social media activities.

Online Stalkers

They approach young teens on social networking apps such as Facebook, Yahoo, Line, Vine, Tinder, Zalo, and plenty of others alike. They make their friends online and then win their trust by using lovely phrases. Once they have got the trust of the teens then they start demanding a real-life meeting. This is the point where they reveal their actual motives. Once teens have committed to meet them in real life then they may get into a trap.

Child abusers

The same is the case with child abusers they usually have multiple profiles of social messaging apps. They chase young kids on the social messaging apps and if they have not put privacies on their profiles then got basic information such as school name and home address and then abuse them chasing them in real-life.

Bad Activities adopted by teens


Sexting is also a very common activity for teens on phone and through social messaging apps with their friends. They start with texting and then convert texting activity with sexual language and turned it into sex talks. They usually do that activity with their opposite gender. Therefore, parents have to keep eye on teens’ cell phone texting activities.

Blind Dates

They may get involved in blind dates through instant messaging apps. However, teens use dating apps such as Tinder, Grindr, and Snapchat to have online friends and then decide to have a blind date with them without knowing a personal background.


All the activities that we have discussed earlier are being performed by the teens by using phones when connected to the internet. Obviously, these activities need time, so the teens become obsessed with them at the end of the day.

Health Issues

At the end of the day, too much use of technology may put serious health issues among kids and teens to the fullest. They may get anxiety, depression, eye infection, obesity due to lack of workout and they may get a kind of mental disorder.

How is technology worthy enough for parenting?

Parents are worried about doing the effective piece of parenting in such a bombarded environment of online threats to children. Dramatically, technology has also provided such a tool to deal with all of these issues for better parenting or setting parental control on kids and teen’s smartphones and devices. Technology also provides parents assistant to deal with all the issues they are facing when it comes to doing better parenting. They can use the best phone monitoring app in order to keep an eye on their online media activities and even what they do on the cell phones. The phone monitoring app enables a user to have secret access to the smartphones of the target person and can view all the activities in real-time. Parents can even control the activities of the children when they are up to something that is not appropriate. They can use the phone tracker app in order to listen to the call incoming or outgoing with the help of a secret call recorder. Parents can view sent or received text messages such as messages, SMS, MMS, BBM chat messages with text messages spy app. Parents can use surround conversations and sounds on the phone with spy 360 surround listening. Moreover, you can track social messaging apps activities of your kids and teens by using the IM’s social media of the cell phone spying app. it will you to see your kids IM’s logs, conversations, inbox messages, shared media files such as photos and videos and VOICE calls.


Parenting in the age of technology is one of the toughest jobs for the parents, but on the other hand, it is the technology that has changed the living standards of humans. It also has provided parenting tools in the shape of the best spyware for the cell phone that allows parents to do parenting with digital techniques.

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