Power banks you can vouch for 2018

Power banks you can vouch for 2018

Digitally equipped smartphones have become the need of the hour. From movie tickets to answering a general question, everything comes to us through this smartphone. Now in such a scenario phone life battery plays a vital role and it is the set benchmark that determines phone performance. But if a phone does not fulfill your needs rightfully and has a constantly draining battery life, the only accessory that can help you on the go is a “Power Bank”! Confusingly all power banks are not the same, each one of them does not have the same potential as compared to the other. Now amongst the list of the most prominent ones you can choose, only the best with the help of this article.

Philips DLP13006 13000mAh Power Bank

With a weight of about 30.0mg and a capacity of 13000 mAh, we totally stand by our claim that the Philips DLP13006 13000mAh power bank is absolutely the best personal power bank on the market. It has a compact body, looks attractive, is speedy and super strong. Just plug-and-go. It has enough capacity for several charges and is certainly of utmost value. We hence claim that it is a well worthy winner of our best power bank crown. Some of its highlights are Lithium-ion Battery, micro connector, DC adapter with an inclusive charging cable.

Anker PowerCore Speed 10000 QC

Quick, portable, great capacity and affordable. Though this charger may not tick all the boxes out there, you’d yet be pushed to purchases it for an average price of Rs. 2,250. A recommended gadget for any festival, any season, on the go.

CJD UltraCompact Power Bank

If you are looking out for a colorful, functional and reliable face in the industry of power banks, CJD is the one you can opt for.

Zendure A3

The Zendure A3 is a great choice if you want a little more pocketable power for charging your phone on the go. Also if you are looking out for more power you can check out the Zendure A4, which is identical to Zendure A3.

Anker PowerCore II 10,000 Slim

At an affordable price, this charger has the capacity to keep your phone or tablet topped up while you are miles away from the socket.

Amongst the list choosing the right one varies for each person. What are the foremost deciding factors, price? Capacity?. Also, know that whatever the mentioned capacity is power banks work up to 60-70% of it. Although some also work at about 90 % and in such cases it is mentioned on the product. With Zendure, Anker, and Philips power bank review we have covered several brands out there. Select the one that suits your needs right!

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