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RecordCast | an Easy and Free Online Computer Screen Recorder

For YouTubers or those who often share tutorials directly via video, they must be quite familiar with screen recorder applications. This computer screen recording application is quite vital because it is able to record the progress of the screen when it is used.

With this screen recorder application, users do not need to describe in writing point by point the steps described. It is enough to show via video when he does this on his computer.

Unfortunately, this kind of application is usually an application that must be installed on the computer. In addition to taking up space, sometimes its use is limited by various things. If you want the full one, you have to pay a specific price.

Well, PearlMountain, the Hong Kong company with FlexClip and DesignCap, DesignEvo, also makes screen recorders online. The application name is RecordCast. This application has various advantages. I’ve written down why you need to use RecordCast.

What is RecordCast?

RecordCast is an online application that integrates a screen recorder and video editor. This application makes it easy for you to record your screen and produce high-resolution videos for free. Of course, you can use it for various purposes, such as making video tutorials, product demos, interactive classes, game competitions, as well as marketing needs, and so on.

Yes, free and easy are two words I need to underline. Because of this factor, it might be a barrier for many people to start recording their screens. So with RecordCast, many people can record their screens without having to think about costs. Yes, as long as they already have Google Chrome, there is no need to worry about recording the screen.

Key Features of RecordCast

As mentioned above, there are some key features of RecordCast. At least I have noted there are four features of this screen recorder application. The following include:

  • 100% Free

PearlMountain is not charging from this RecordCast. You can use it anytime and for anything. Even to produce videos with high resolution, there is no cost. 100% free.

  • No Download Needed

You only need to visit the RecordCast website at There is no need to download software files and no installation.

  • Flexible recording

In RecordCast, you can record various screen modes for multiple needs. Even to choose whether you need to record a computer voice or you can fill it with your own voice via a mic, you can also do this through this application.

  • There is a Quick Edit

Before editing using an online video editing application such as FlexClip or other video editing applications on your computer, RecordCast also provides a quick editing feature. This feature is very useful for editing unnecessary clips. If you want to get more information about flexclip, click here “review of flexclip“.

How to Use RecordCast

To use RecordCast, please follow this simple guide.

  • Open the RecordCast site

Please open the RecordCast site here.

  • Click Start Recording

There is a red Star Recording button after you have successfully opened the site. Just click the button

  • Select a record mode

There are three recording modes, namely screen, webcam, screen + webcam. Could you choose one of them?

  • Select an audio recording

You can choose the audio recording as needed. There are three modes, namely microphone, audio system, and no audio.

  • Start recording

Click the Start Recording button to start recording.

  • Stop recording

Click the floating Stop Recording button to stop recording.

  • Download the recording

After the recording is complete, you can download the recording results to your computer.

  • Click Edit and Export in MP4

By clicking Edit and Export in MP4, you can do simple edits, for example, reducing the duration, adding text, or adding other sounds such as music and effects.


That’s a glimpse of RecordCast, an online screen recording application that you can rely on at any time. Even though it’s limited to just 30 minutes, it’s more than enough for a screen recording video.

You can enjoy free screen recording where the recording doesn’t have a watermark at all. Hope you will like RecordCast and expect that you can introduce it to your friends!

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