Samsung Galaxy Fold Impressions

So ever since it was unveiled a couple of weeks ago I have been just sort of fascinated by this phone like Samsung never let anyone touch it and they never showed it to anyone. They only had specific demo footage for a while that kind of felt like a myth but now suddenly they are out in the market. So the basic concept in case you forgot, Galaxy Fold has one smaller outer screen and one larger folding inner screen in a single device for $1980. This is my very first impressions of the final phone that people paying this money will actually get.

So right off the bat this phone is chunky as we saw it coming with other phones like the Real flex pi and even the Huawei Mate x but it kind of basically has the feel of two small Samsung phones put back to back next to each other with a hinge in between and it does not go all the way completely flat against each other when it is closed like a sandwich instead they create this little angle an in the phone’s shape like this folded up is just really tall and narrow so it’s got this candy bar sort of feel and it’s heavy as well. You can easily buy this phone using Paytm Mall Coupons with a great discount.


Now the screen on the front as you might remember is a four-point six-inch cover display, very tall and when you flip it open you get a seven-point three-inch OLED display which is nearly exactly four by three so pretty wide. Now I know the main question a lot of people have about this is probably about the crease down in the middle where it folds so to be perfectly clear yes you can see the crease especially when you are just a little bit off axis or if you have a light wallpaper and yes you can even feel it when you run your finger over it so it is not this perfectly precisely flat uninterrupted glass feel.

But honestly it gets pretty close when you are looking at it straight on, you can easily forget about it and it is again much better than Real Flex pi. I saw that and yes although I guess that was not a very high bar to clear and also I got to say the actual closing and unfolding movement is extremely satisfying. There are some strong magnets in either half of the phone that open and close and connect it. It is so strong that you could actually pick up paper clips with the phone but that opening and closing the screen, I love that and a hinge, it just sort of snaps open to a hundred and eighty degrees flat position and whatever between those two positions is pretty fluid to whatever angle you want but it definitely feels like the springs are trying to pull itself close.

Button layout

Opening and closing the phone is definitely going to be a two-handed process and I am sure that is what we mostly expected and that process can get kind of tricky sometimes with the interesting button layout so there is a power button on the side of the phone here you would probably expect it. There is also the volume rocker and also a separate fingerprint reader for unlocking that. Doubles as a Bixby button so it is actually incredibly easy to accidentally trigger Bixby whether you are unlocking the phone or just trying to fold it or unfold it.

Notch and the headphone jack

Samsung did technically just made a phone with a notch and no headphone jack kind of sad I guess but it actually does come with their new galaxy buds, their wireless headphones so that is cool and the notch on the inside screen which holds two cameras and a bunch of other sensors actually has this lip to it, that is sort of raised up from the rest of the screen but the notification pulldown does not actually work from that side.


Speaking of cameras the phone has a total of six camera sensors. There is the ten megapixel selfie camera on the front when it is closed when you open it up and you get that notch which has an identical ten megapixel selfie camera with an additional depth sensor like the galaxy s 10 plus and then on the back the standard, the ultra wide and the telephoto cameras just like the galaxy s 10 had so you will never be at a shortage of cameras and lenses here. In terms of camera, various options available in the market and one can buy those using Mobikwik Offers with great deals.

Samsung had to do a lot of work to get this phone out in the market as there is some adhesive in the display and of course the folding plastic that actually folds on the front.

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