5 Alternatives for Samsung Galaxy Repair and Replacement

In the year 2017, Samsung has revealed its 2 smartphones- Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+. This flagship denoted a new era in edge to edge displays with all-glass exterior and a great screen to body ratio. This elegantly pleasing model came accompanied with a major proviso; the phone’s external body is extremely vulnerable to splits and cracks even when dropped from low heights.

So what happens when your flawless gadget hits the floor and results in spider web cracks over its fragile exteriors? We should take a look at your various Samsung Galaxy S8 screen replacement choices.

How Delicate Are the Samsung Galaxy smartphones?

The insurance provider Everything Breaks performed its standard drop test with Samsung Galaxy S8 once it was released. In addition to the fact that it found that, the devices are extremely inclined to the cracks, however at the same time they were the most fragile handsets the organization has ever tested. 

Typically, the breakability of a Gadget is measure on the scale of 100, the more it’s close to 100, the more fragile the smartphone. Samsung Galaxy 8+ scored 77 whereas Galaxy 8 scored 76. This is denoted as a medium-high risk.

As indicated by the company, the S8 is the first smartphone they ever tested that cracked from the first drop on all sides like front fall, back fall, edges, etc.

Seeing that even a minor bout of clumsiness can prompt cracks on your Galaxy S8, what are your choices for repair and replacement?

 Repairing the Galaxy phones at a Samsung Repair Center

If you missed out any Samsung Galaxy extended warranty, you can take your Galaxy S8 or S8+ into a Samsung Repair Center for a.

These centers are costlier than third-party repair shops, however, the gadget warranty is ensured when utilizing approved Samsung services. The cost of a repair is subject to which region you live in. Make sure to call or visit your local Samsung Repair Center website to get a quote.

The advantage of choosing this alternative is the absence of a limit on the number of repairs and your manufacturer’s warranty staying intact. You can likewise get your smartphone fixed if it t is out-of-warranty; however, this implies you need to pay for the full repair rather than just paying a deductible.

Galaxy Screen Replacement with Samsung Mobile Care/Samsung Premium Care

The typical manufacturer warranty does not cover accidental harm to the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+. Moreover, Samsung’s Accidental Damage from Handling (ADH), which gave owners of past Galaxy models one free screen repair, does not apply to S8+ and S8.

Rather than ADH, Samsung offers another guarantee alternative for cracked screens because of accidental harm for the Samsung Galaxy S8. The extended warranty passes by various names relying upon your country. The U.S. as of now offers Samsung Premium Care, whereas the U.K., India, and South Africa offer Samsung Mobile Care.

To utilize these alternatives, you need to registered for the Samsung Galaxy Protection plan inside 30 days of purchasing your smartphone. After this time expires, you can’t purchase the protection policy.

Using a Third-Party Repair Center to Replace Your Samsung Galaxy Screen

Numerous Samsung Galaxy Owners choose to repair their screens using a third-party repair center. You should take note that this choice may void your warranty and there is nothing Samsung can do if the third-party harms your gadget.

Then again, third-party repairs are typically less expensive. The key is to initially know what the warranty suggestions are, at that point pick a trustworthy repair company with a track of good service.

You should look around to see the price ranges in your local shops and gauge it against different alternatives.

Claim Your Samsung Galaxy Repair on Insurance

On the off chance that you have individual item insurance or specific Samsung Galaxy protection plan & insurance, claiming from your policy can be perhaps the best alternative. Obviously, your policy should cover accidental harm rather than just robbery or loss.

Claiming from your protection accompanies the risk of your increasing monthly premiums. Contingent upon your insurance provider, this will likewise likely come with a huge deductible. On the other hand, these plans enable you to make claims more frequently than Samsung’s warranty plans.

Many mobile carriers likewise offer their own protection plans regularly. So if decided on carrier insurance when purchasing your smartphone, consider claiming it from those plans.

Replacing Cracked Galaxy Screen by Yourself

This is the choice that more customers are turning to, yet it’s definitely not for everyone. The DIY repairs enable you to skip the labor expense and pay for the parts you need.

Nonetheless, this is an alternative that may void your warranty. While you can find online guides for fixing your Galaxy phones, the smartphone is considered respectably hard to fix and requires a great deal of tolerance.

You will have to choose whether you need to roll the dice on this. The replacement parts cost likewise rely upon the organization you buy them from. Moreover, you will need to pick a reputable company so you get strong parts.

Final Note

By default, all the electronic devices come with their manufacturer’s warranty. This lasts at least one year or a maximum two. Once the default warranty expires you need to get extended warranty and protection plans to secure it against the accidental damages. Additionally, opt for a more durable and shockproof cover. This won’t make your Galaxy invulnerable, but definitely decrease the probability that a drop breaks your screen.

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