Samsung galaxy s8 review

Samsung galaxy s8 review

Your very first looks at Samsung Galaxy S8 turn your mind to have it within no time. Its large bezel-less display is without any doubt would be fascinating for the Android lover. On the other hand, its screen quality is up to the mark. When it comes to fingerprint scanner it would be a little worry for the users because of its odd way of placement. Furthermore, the iris scanner and facial recognition have placed in the same fashion as the fingerprint scanner.

Don’t indulge yourself in the weakness it does make a difference for you to have the deal with that particular phone because the powerful battery can hide a few of its loopholes. The camera of the cell phone is with the top end-flagship, it is an expensive phone, but at the same time a good new-fashioned handset.  You have to put investment to get your hands on the latest Android gadget.

Samsung Galaxy S8 details

It has the magnificent screen that no other cell phone has introduced yet; it displays lovely colors that give a user an exciting view. The Android cell phone has a large screen even then that the iPhone 7 and wrapped into the chassis.  If you are even more with the screen stuff then you go for the Galaxy S8 plus. It has a micro SD card slot, it means Samsung will not launch multiple verities of the phone in different parts of the world but has offered a handsome amount of storage on the phone.

A user will have the 64GB version of the phone in all regions of the world. The Samsung Galaxy S8 is coming up with its new stuff added to the handset of Bixby, the brand voice assistant arch-rival to apple. It is considered as very much rival features in the upcoming future. Unbox your Samsung s8

It will add blots to the camera on the phone. The premium design of the smartphone makes it appealing than the rest of the phones that have ever produced by Samsung. The headphone jacks are the same as its previous version of Samsung Galaxy S8. The design is also quite similar to the post launched phone of Samsung, but the placement of the iris scanner has made the difference.

Specifications of Samsung Galaxy S8

All the specifications of the upcoming phone are not up to the mark, but it is has done quite an impressive job as usual. The phone will come up with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 or with the Samsung own Exynos 8895 chip inside of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and both are with the 4GB of RAM. The memory of the phone might be possible would be 64GB along with the Micro SD card that can handle 25GB of additional space for storage. The battery of the smartphone would be one of its strongest elements that would be 3000mAh and the screen of the smartphone of android 1440*2960. It will be equal to 570 dots per inch.

What it’s all about putting such type of stuff in the Samsung Galaxy S8, it only means it would be the most powerful and phones of the modern era. The battery of the phone reportedly would last a whole day and its high screen display will really make a difference and the storage will provide a user free hand to stored things blindly.

No doubt there are plenty of its competitors out there that have introduced quite fascinating gadgets over the years. But Samsung seems to set others behind with the help of its latest tech-creature. Obviously, when it comes to price, it may leave others far behind.

The Bluetooth stuff

The thought of new blue-tooth stuff on the Samsung Galaxy S8 would be one of the exciting features of the mighty Samsung device. The users are very excited to use it what so ever. The latest S8 will have Bluetooth 5 and confers the same nifty options to the user. A user will be able to pair the Bluetooth headphones and also have the option of volume control that can sync with the phone. It may seem normal and ordinary but it will make a real difference in the style and usage of the smartphone. The iPhone and iPad also contain that type of feature. But the Samsung Galaxy is going to offer the Android lovers complete control on audio levels.

Other features that the Samsung Galaxy has offered are the dual speaker, and that has been allowed with the latest version of the Bluetooth.  The user will have the option to connect both of the Bluetooth with speakers at the same time. But pointed that need to note is they are not able to sync together.

Other specifications

The cell phone has a finger print scanner that would provide relief to the users from putting a million times passcode into the cell phone and with the ultimate security. It also coming up with the Biometric adds time to unlock the phone and facial recognition stuff. It means a user will be able to unlock the phone putting his face on the screen of the phone. However, all these stuff added by the Samsung Galaxy S8 will be the reliable and powerful security of your phone.

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