How to Secure Android Phone Device?

How to Secure Android Phone Device?

Android smartphones over the years have been penetrated among people worldwide. On the other hand, there are under continuous cyber-attacks, and the old version of the androids is far more vulnerable than ever before. So, there is a dire need to protect the android phone. The question is how an ordinary android can protect its cell phone from Android OS.

What can you do to secure your android?

Today am going to guide you about a few effective ways to keep your android gadget safe from the online attackers. Most of all seem quite simple and very easy to apply and few are a little tricky and require android tracking apps in order to secure the data within the Android device. Let’s take a look at all the solution to secure android phone device.

Purchase android from vendors releases patches rapidly

When you are going to buy the android phone, keep in mind that always get the android from the vendor that releases the patches rapidly. You can get Google’s latest smartphones of Android OS such as Pixel, the pixel2, Nexus 5X, and others. Because mobile phones of android carry fresh updates. Obviously, all these devices will have new update security patches. On the other hand, there are multiple companies that sell Android phones such as android authority and the leading Android publications and last but the least Samsung.

Use Phone lock

It is one of the easiest ways to do with the android cell phone for security, but users don’t bother it at all. Believe me, you would be in deep trouble compare to someone has to snatch your valet that carries credit-cards but malware on your smartphone or android.

You just need to use the old method of fixing a key on the phone, it would be very safe than others. Furthermore, if you have a reasonable android smartphone then you can use fingerprints, patterns, and voice recognition and iris scanner. These methods are breakable then to put keys on the screen of your phone.

Two-factor authentication is effective

The moment you are making efforts to secure Android phone, you have to lock down your Google’s service as well. You can do this job by applying two-factor authentication. You can perform it by logging into the Gmail account and move towards the two-step verification page. Now choose it from the menu. Moreover, follow the requirements and you may have asked for your cell phone number. You will receive a verification code through voice or with SMS on your phone.

Use Google Play Store apps

According to the experts, the malware and other issues come from third-party applications. So, avoid the apps to use in your cellphone of android that doesn’t belong to the Google play store, otherwise, there are certain chances you may mess up with the many issues on the Android smartphones. Because Google is always doing things to refine the apps that are not authenticated and full of malware at the time of installation. Scan your smartphone if you have installed such third-party software. But therefore is an exception to using third-party apps that are best for creating the best android backup for android mobile phone

You can use device encryption

You can prevent all the online crooks and other cyber-attackers that really want to break the security of your phone And you can put a solid hurdle in the way that makes them realize they have to run for the marathon to break the security of your android smartphone. Also, you can use the encryption on your android device and secure your device to the fullest.

You can encrypt your phone with an easy key, go to the settings>Security>Encrypt Device and follow the rest of the demands.


You may use of using free Wi-Fi at some place, so you know your cell phone device can be compromised using un-authorized Wi-Fi. As we all know that we take risks and often get lost in many shapes. When it comes to the protection of cell phone of android, you can use mobile Virtual Private Network (VPN). There are plenty of VPN services are available; you can choose the best of the best to make your android security up to the mark.

Use software

In fact, the Google Play is having a quite good job for the security of your cell phone and You can use the anti-viruses for the security of your android phone and preventing the malware that you have got an email or you have made a click on any malicious link. Simply, you can use the Anti-virus of Avast Mobile security and make solid security protections for your android gadgets. Anti-virus software is as necessary as a security guard placed at a bank for the security of the cash.


Android technology is one of the most fascinating for smartphones, but you can make your android phone more secure by using all the above-mentioned tips and tricks.

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